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TPiR Recap - 6/23/2014
« on: June 23, 2014, 12:36:03 PM »
G-R Recap Test
Episode #6662K
Aired – 6/23/2014; Taped – 1/27/2014
Models: Amber Lancaster, Rachel Reynolds
Microphone Handoff: Amber
First Four Contestant Seating: Left to Right

First IUFB: Surfboard (Von Sol: Carbon fiber custom surfboard); ARP: $1,250 (Rachel)

700 950 650 725

The winner is...

Reese is playing SAFECRACKERS for trip to Costa Rica (RT Coach to San Jose, CR for a 6n stay in private chalet at the Arenal Lodge + daily breakfast, dinner, rental car, 2hr ATV tour) (Amber) and designer luggage (Nylon collection of duffle and 4-wheel bag; ARP: $5,086) (Amber).

ARP of the luggage is the combination to the safe. The numbers are: 0, 5, 6.



Second IUFB: Karaoke Package (Party Tyme: 16 party packs, disco lights, 3 CDS, 2 mics); ARP: $870 (Rachel)

960 780 950 850

The winner is...

Kevin is playing Money Game for a 2014 Scion TC (6-speed AT, 2.5L engine, FWD, Bluetooth, LuxCare, LoJack) (Amber).


    21 42 97
    70 85 63
    22 20 59
    F 4 R

Kevin picks [22] - [F]

    21 42 97
    70 85 63
      20 59
    22 4 R

Kevin picks [97] - [$$]

97   21 42  
    70 85 63
      20 59
    22 4 R

Kevin picks [59] - [$$]

97   21 42  
59   70 85 63
    22 4 R

Kevin picks [63] - [RR]

97   21 42  
59   70 85  
    22 4 63

WIN (Total Winnings: $22,619)

Third IUFB: Cutlery (9 knives and block, sharpening stone); ARP: $1,290 (Rachel and Amber)

525 530 1 721

The winner is...

Brian playing PICK-A-PAIR for retro kitchen appliances (Elmira Stove Works: 24in dishwasher, range and fridge; ARP: $10,288) (Rachel). The grocery items are:

  1. Listerine Mint Strips
  2. Oreo Cookies
  3. Beneful Dog Food
  4. Bumblebee Tuna Salad
  5. Xtra-Drain Drain Opener
  6. V8 Veggie Juice Cans


Brian picks the cookies and tuna salad.


Brian keeps the cookies and goes the juice.


LOSS (ARP of the Drain Opener: $3.99)


Contestant Winnings Spin 1 Spin 2 TOTAL RESULT
Brian $1,290 50 75 1.25
Reese $6,336 90 STAY .90 *SHOWCASE*
Kevin $23,489 30 75 1.05

Fourth IUFB: Designer Watches (Berea: Women's Diamond Watches); ARP: $1,985 (Rachel)

1550 3 1500 1250

The winner is...

Robin is playing Double Prices for a motorcycle (Honda: Shadow Phantom with 745cc V-twin engine) (Rachel).

Double Prices


ARP: $8240

Fifth IUFB: Designer Shoes (His/Her Collection with booties, shoes, Oxfords and boots); ARP: $1,032 (Rachel)

1000 650 1800 1250

The winner is...

Michelle is playing One Away for 2014 Kia Forte LX (1.8L engine, 6-speed AT, carpeted floor mats, cargo net, paint/fabric) (Rachel).


Oh, mighty sound effects lady!!! Does she have...

One right? HONK!

Two right? HONK!

Three right? EPIC SILENCE



Well, here we go, first show I've seen in almost a week and we have an appearance of the limo already. Kim has been here the entire show. Will she escape or is a trip to Wawpecong, Indiana in her future?

Sixth IUFB: Trampoline (JumpSport: 113sqft of playspace); ARP: $1,559 (George)

900 800 750 760

The winner is...

Kim heads to Wawpecong, while Xiomara is playing Bonus Game for maid service (12mo/yr) (Rachel), gasoline (52wk of 12gal/yr) and dinners for a year ($1,200 gift card to Johnny Rockets; ARP: $5,154) (Rachel and Amber).

First prize: Sunglasses
Price: $125
Guess: Higher
ARP: $168 (Correct)

Second prize: Portable Slow Cooker
Price: $39
Guess: Higher
ARP: $50 (Correct)

Third prize: Breville Panini Press
Price: $130
Guess: Lower
ARP: $100 (Correct)

Fourth prize: Hand Mixer
Price: $40
Guess: Lower
ARP: $70 (Wrong)


LOSS (Total Winnings: $318)


Contestant Winnings Spin 1 Spin 2 TOTAL RESULT
Michelle $1,032 30 95 1.25
Xiomara $1,877 35 45 .80 *SHOWCASE*
Robin $10,225 60 45 1.05


Reese has the honors...

SC1 - Xiomara

  • Trip to Washington DC (RT Coach to Washington, DC for a 6n stay in luxuirous accomodations at Sofitel Luxury Hotels + daily breakfast, couples massage, guided tour) (Amber)
  • Trip to Rome (RT Coach to Rome, IT for a 6n stay in a room with Vatican View at Hotel Atlante Star + daily breakfast, specialty guided tour of Ancient Rome) (Amber)
  • 2014 Chevrolet Spark LS (1.2 4-cyl engine, AT CVT, tire pressure monitoring system) (Rachel)
Bid: $25,000

SC2 - Reese

  • Video Camera (Canon: XF 300 with image customization) (Rachel)
  • Trip to St. Maarten (RT Coach to St. Maarten for a 6n stay in a beachfront king room at Divi Little Bay + cruise on yachts in America's Cup) (Rachel)
  • Sailboat (Catalina: 16.5 centerboard sailboat with 4 adult seating, storage locker) (Amber)
Bid: $23,052

Results: 3 out of 6
Winnings: $71,040
Biggest Winner: Reese

This Recap is solely intended for the purpose of
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Recap produced by Roadgeek Adam
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CSS work provided by cu2010.

Season 41 - Season 43, Season 46 - Present Recap Guide.
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Re: TPiR Recap - 6/23/2014
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2014, 12:39:31 PM »
Welcome Roadgeek Adam and thanks for your job  ;)

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Re: TPiR Recap - 6/23/2014
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2014, 12:44:26 PM »
My two cents:

Safe Crackers: Good win.
Money Game: Great win, getting the first 2 numbers on the first try!
Pick a Pair: Tough break there.
Double Prices: Piece of cake!
One Away: Tough break. 'Nuff said. (Interesting, though; I've seen the exact same Kia on one of last week's shows with almost the exact same options offered in the exact same game with almost the exact same price (only a mere $100 difference), and lost the exact same way, missing the 2nd number)
Bonus Game: The winning streak ends on such rare bad luck! (and that was an awesome prize, too) Well, nothing lasts forever.

Showcases: Although both Showcases are good, the Chevrolet Spark Showcase with 2 trips does not catch my fancy, because I'm neither a trip person, nor a subcompact car person. I'm partial to sailboats (and video cameras), so I prefer the 2nd Showcase.

Another good show.
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Re: TPiR Recap - 6/23/2014
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2014, 02:41:30 PM »
Well we're down to the final full week, but there's still lots to talk about.

One Bids: Just plain old poor bidding by Kim, especially when she bid last. But nice to see a 9th player win despite what was about to happen...

Safe Crackers: Fairly easy with the most logical choice being correct. I feel they close the safe a little too quickly after the prize description nowadays, but it gives you that feeling about needing to crack the safe again in order to have your prizes more dramatic.

Money Game: Nice job!

Pick-a-Pair: $1.50 between pairs isn't terribly difficult compared to some of the setups in its early years, but it definitely adds to the challenge it has seen this season after being a game where I'd love to see it lost. Not any longer. The curse of the Elmira Stove Works kitchen continues.

Double Prices: Pretty easy, knowing the cc really helped here.

One Away: As soon as Michelle changed that 8, I knew it was over given that $16k Kias are more for the Souls and Rios.

Bonus Game: Heartbreaking!  :-(

Showcases: I much prefer the trip/car showcase, first since a new car that I don't like is easy to trade in/sell, I'd love to go to Rome, and even though DC would be a staycation, it can provide some distant family/friends to come visit.

Overall: A decent start to the week.

Show Grade: B-
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Re: TPiR Recap - 6/23/2014
« Reply #4 on: June 23, 2014, 05:03:09 PM »

Pick-A-Pair: Just bad luck for Brian.......And on the wheel, as well.

One Away: The nuts were right! That was a uncommon thing to see..............Then again, if it was for a Kia Rio or a Soul, then Michelle would've won.

Bonus Game: Just outright unfortunate for Xiomara........Damn mixer. And it was the first loss of that game this season.


Safe Crackers: Easy win for Reese!

Double Prices: Same goes for Robin!

Money Game: Nice job by Kevin!


Good way to start the week...........However, SC1 really fooled me since I really underestimated the Rome trip.

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Re: TPiR Recap - 6/23/2014
« Reply #5 on: June 23, 2014, 06:30:19 PM »
Showcase would be tough for me. I don't like subcompact cars or boats, but I'm more of a city person than a beach person so I'd take DC/Rome.

Reese could stick around and try his luck at the search to replace Rob.

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Re: TPiR Recap - 6/23/2014
« Reply #6 on: June 23, 2014, 06:53:03 PM »
Bonus Game is no longer a favorite game of mine since the board was "updated" and the turntable reveal eliminated. I did notice that the background color of the Bonus square was red today, and I'm assuming it was because the game was lost.

I know the "update" is here to stay most likely, but I miss the old blue and black, and the incandescent light. I just don't get the same feeling with the new display, win or lose.

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Re: TPiR Recap - 6/23/2014
« Reply #7 on: June 24, 2014, 12:43:48 AM »
Safe Crackers: 1 of those 50-50 shot games. I would have won as my gut was $650. Very nice Costa Rica trip and great to open the week with a win.

Money Game: The odds of winning greatly increase if the front can be found on the 1st pick though this was still tough seeing as the price ended in 3. Awesome to see the Scion TC won! Outstanding win!

Pick a Pair: It's unfortunate this game is being setup harder as of late. Still today's contestant made his own fate as the V8 pack was clearly more expensive than $3.99. Although I normally like kitchens as prizes this 1 wasn't really my favorite. Still too bad to see a loss.

Double Prices: Setup forced win.

One Away: I got my hopes up after today's contestant only got 2 right on her 1st try. Alas................... I knew once she changed the 8 to a 6 it was going to be a loss. Ashamed the Kia Forte wasn't won.

Bonus Game: Ouch! Really painful way to end a show. Those were some useful prizes and of course it's always a letdown when Bonus Game is lost when only the bottom window could've produced a loss,. Also:

Bonus Game is no longer a favorite game of mine since the board was "updated" and the turntable reveal eliminated. I did notice that the background color of the Bonus square was red today, and I'm assuming it was because the game was lost.

I know the "update" is here to stay most likely, but I miss the old blue and black, and the incandescent light. I just don't get the same feeling with the new display, win or lose.

I'm with you on this. I miss the blue windows on Bonus Game. I've liked most of the set updates of recent yaers but this is 1 I wish hadn't been. I was surprised to see the red today as I had just thought green was now the color of the bonus lightup. This has to be 1 of the 1st losses with the new set.

Showcases: The Chevy Spark showcase was the better showcase and it's unfortunate it wasn't won.

Lineup: Good but not great: Safe Crackers is a great lead off hitter. However while Bonus Game is a great game it is not a great closer. Bonus Game is much like master key in that it's 1 of those games in which some of it's losses are real letdowns and today was 1 of those. A letdown prone game isn't a good closer. I'd have flip flopped the slotting and played Bonus Game 1st and Safe Crackers 6th. Safe Crakers is an equally strong lead off hitter and closer whereas Bonus Game makes a much better lead off hitter than closer. Money Game is a great car game and One Away is decent enough. Pick a Pair isn't my favorite GP game but it's not too bad and it slots well 3rd. A big problem with this lineup is the fact that it includes Double Prices. I would have removed Double Prices from this lineup and replaced it with Range Game. No lineup that includes Double Prices is eligible to be called great.

Overall: 3 wins with a strong Money Game segment and a decent lineup make this an above average show. Decent start to the week.
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The following pricing games should be retired because there's no way or no easy way to make them fair: Spelling Bee, Plinko, Punch a Bunch, Pass the Buck, Let em Roll.

The following retired pricing games should be revived: $uper $aver, Give or Keep, Buy or Sell, Hurdles, Bump, Penny Ante, Credit Card, On the Spot, Split Decision, Add em Up, Walk of Fame, Barker's Markers.

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Re: TPiR Recap - 6/23/2014
« Reply #8 on: July 01, 2014, 12:11:53 AM »
The 7,991st episode (119th for Season 42)

Showcase #1
  • Trip to Washington, DC:  $6,931
  • Trip to Rome:  $11,747
  • Chevrolet Spark:  $14,305
My bid:  $34,304 (D'oh!)

Showcase #2
  • Video Camera:  $6,799
  • Trip to St. Maarten:  $9,765
  • Catalina Boat:  $10,227
My bid:  $33,497 (D'oh!)

Modeling Totals:  June 23, 2014 (OSAD 3/18)
Highs and lows among shows for the OSAD in previous years
High:  $80,404 (2002)
Low:  $7,534 (2008)

Rachel Reynolds
Total:  12/$57,961.00 (8/$29,414.00, 4/$28,547.00)
Cars:  1/$14,305.00 (0/$0.00, 1/$14,305.00)
Trips:  1/$9,765.00 (1/$9,765.00, 0/$0.00)
Cash Prizes:  0/$0.00 (0/$0.00, 0/$0.00)

Amber Lancaster
Total:  11/$81,865.00 (6/$41,051.00, 5/$40,814.00)
Cars:  2/$41,195.00 (1/$22,463.00, 1/$18,732.00)
Trips:  3/$23,114.00 (1/$4,436.00, 2/$18,678.00)
Cash Prizes:  0/$0.00 (0/$0.00, 0/$0.00)

All Prizes
Total:  25/$138,111.00 (16/$70,884.00, 9/$67,227.00)
Cars:  3/$55,500.00 (1/$22,463.00, 2/$33,037.00)
Trips:  4/$32,879.00 (2/$14,201.00, 2/$18,678.00)
Cash Prizes:  0/$0.00 (0/$0.00, 0/$0.00)

Season to date
Rachel Reynolds (182 shows)
Total:  2,423/$12,602,288.02 (1,513/$5,467,853.99, 910/$7,134,434.03)
Cars:  278/$6,221,134.00 (93/$1,957,257.00, 185/$4,263,877.00)
Trips:  315/$2,532,386.00 (182/$1,499,210.00, 133/$1,033,176.00)
Cash Prizes:  43/$428,624.00 (13/$80,886.00, 30/$347,738.00)

Amber Lancaster (35 shows)
Total:  380/$2,305,571.00 (239/$938,529.00, 141/$1,367,042.00)
Cars:  52/$965,088.00 (14/$245,852.00, 38/$719,236.00)
Trips:  60/$481,744.00 (36/$269,627.00, 24/$212,117.00)
Cash Prizes:  9/$189,000.00 (0/$19,500.00, 9/$169,500.00)

All Prizes (183 shows)
Total:  4,809/$29,102,452.27 (2,933/$11,744,330.53, 1,876/$17,358,121.74)
Cars:  572/$12,109,167.00 (195/$4,012,975.00, 377/$8,096,192.00)
Trips:  630/$5,133,727.00 (352/$2,854,106.00, 278/$2,279,621.00)
Cash Prizes:  191/$4,687,043.00 (50/$745,000.00, 141/$3,942,043.00)

Career to date
Rachel Reynolds (1,387 shows)
Total:  13,724/$72,531,265.36 (8,545/$32,387,182.94, 5,179/$40,144,082.42)
Cars:  1,498/$33,813,564.00 (570/$12,252,342.00, 928/$21,561,222.00)
Trips:  1,302/$10,011,463.00 (697/$5,265,749.00, 605/$4,745,714.00)
Cash Prizes:  237/$2,672,851.00 (52/$478,084.00, 185/$2,194,767.00)

Amber Lancaster (618 shows)
Total:  5,135/$31,604,592.50 (3,212/$13,396,520.50, 1,923/$18,208,072.00)
Cars:  646/$13,990,917.00 (210/$4,485,334.00, 436/$9,505,583.00)
Trips:  663/$5,202,296.00 (347/$2,693,813.00, 316/$2,508,483.00)
Cash Prizes:  114/$1,742,787.00 (21/$220,354.00, 93/$1,522,433.00)

My viewing to date (2,538 shows)
Total:  66,201/$364,404,306.22 (41,137/$157,564,482.53, 25,064/$206,839,823.69)
Cars:  7,229/$155,675,845.00 (2,774/$58,329,651.00, 4,455/$97,346,194.00)
Trips:  5,564/$39,654,830.00 (2,887/$20,498,059.00, 2,677/$19,156,771.00)
Cash Prizes:  1,942/$42,454,858.00 (397/$6,931,190.00, 1,545/$35,523,668.00)
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