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Atínale al Precio: November 1999 episode
« on: August 30, 2014, 04:26:03 PM »
I found this episode on YouTube the other day and decided to recap it. If anyone who is more fluent in Spanish than I am wants to watch the episode themselves and correct my translations or fill in the gaps, please feel free.

Some notes on the Mexican version before I begin my recap:
⦁ The Spanish equivalent of "Come on Down" on this version is "Baja, y ¡atínale al precio!" or literally "Come down and guess the price!". For convenience sake, I'll just be writing the usual "come on down". My Spanish isn't fluent, but I'll try to translate things like dialogue as best I can. Likewise, I'll abbreviate the shows title to AAP, similar to TPIR.
⦁ There are about 10 Mexican pesos to US$1, but both use the dollar sign symbol. The show's budget in general is much smaller than ours, but it certainly doesn't stop the contestants from getting very excited about the prizes. Also, brand names of prizes are never mentioned in the plugs, even if the company's logo or label is visible on camera. Car plugs have no make or model given. The only exception is if the prize comes from a company such as a chain store, then the store gets a plug.
⦁ Contestants are called down by their full legal names (which often includes their middle name), but often have their preferred nicknames on their nametags.
⦁ The set and props are very similar to those of the US version at the time. The main theme is basically a brassy Mexican-sounding version of ours in the same key.
⦁ The Beauties on this version are Cynthia Bagué, Diana Velásquez, Roxana Arreguín, and Peony Kunz.
⦁ Marco Antonio Regil's hosting style is so much like Barker's, it's almost eerie.
With that being said, here's the recap.

The show has a light border shaped like the frame of the big doors with flashing TPIR dollar signs. Opening titles of "¡ALEGRIAS!" ("HAPPINESS!") and "¡MILES DE PESOS!" ("THOUSANDS OF PESOS!") appear on the screen as the camera pans the cheering audience. The tape is cut at the very beginning of announcer Jaime Kurt's opening spiel, so here is where it begins:
Jamie Kurt: ...pesos. We're on AAP! Today, we start with...
Mary Dania Marfán Mota, COME ON DOWN! (Early 20s woman with dark hair in a ponytail wearing a white AAP T-shirt with pink and orange lettering and jeans; her nametag reads "Dany")

Hector Sergio Herrera Quintero, COME ON DOWN! (Early 30s dark-haired man in a white button-down shirt and jeans; his nametag reads "Sergio III")

Patricia García Rivera, COME ON DOWN! (Mid to late 20s blonde in a blue sweater, sweatshirt tied around her waist and gray slacks with a fanny pack; her nametage reads "Pato")

José Ramón Barco Rodríguez, COME ON DOWN! (Late 30s dark-haired man in a blue shirt and khaki pants; his nametag reads "Moncho")

The show's logo comes onscreen as Moncho is making his way down.

Jaime: Are you ready? Of course! So is our host, Marco Antonio Regil!

The doors (complete with a Barker Wall) open and Marco to a standing ovation. As he receives the mic (and a friendly kiss) from Roxana, confetti and streamers suddenly shower the audience. Marco is wearing a light blue suit and the Beauties are wearing bright yellow strapless jumpsuits.

Marco simply thanks everyone for the welcome and directs us to the first item up for bids.

1. Una cocina integral (a fitted kitchen), modeled by Cynthia.

Dany: $2800
Sergio III: $3200
Pato: $2350
Moncho: $3500

Just as Marco is about to read the price, a lone audience member calls out a bid.

Marco: They're [the contestants] done! But your intentions were good.

Precio de compra (purchase price): $4174. Moncho is the first winner.

He and Marco go up to the turntable. Marco finds out that Moncho is from Mexico City (Distrito Federal) and is a sales manager at a mattress company (empreso de colchónes). He channels Barker (which he does frequently) and quips "I don't think we have a mattress as our next prize, but what prizes can we give him, Señor Kurt?"

Una televisión (television) y un generador electrico (electric generator), both modeled by Diana.

The game is El Tiempo es Oro or Time is Golden, known here as Clock Game. The board has the same shape as ours, but is rather bland looking with a white border and clock face, red background, green base. It's also smaller. Since numbers are much longer to say in Spanish the contestant is given 45 seconds to win both prizes. Getting both prizes within the time limit will earn Moncho a $5000 bonus, about US$500. Marco reminds the audience not to help as the price of the TV is shown.

Price of TV:  $4735 (there is no chroma-key space on the board; they use a split-screen)

"5000" LOWER
"4500" HIGHER
"4600" HIGHER
"4700" HIGHER
"4950" LOWER
"4940" LOWER
"4930" LOWER
"4925" LOWER
"4870" LOWER
"4750" LOWER
"710" HIGHER
"730" HIGHER
"750" LOWER
"748" LOWER
"747" LOWER
"746" LOWER
"745" LOWER
"742" LOWER
"740" LOWER
"739" LOWER
"Seven hundred....thirty-eight" LOWER
"Thirty-six, thirty-five." DING! He got it with only 8 seconds left.

Marco points out the obvious problem. Instead of going higher or lower by tens like most contestants, Moncho decided to go by ones, which took much longer than necessary.

Marco: It will be a miracle if Moncho wins!

Price of generator: $7817

"$8000" LOWER
"7000" HIGHER
"7500" HIGHER
"7800" HIGHER
"7900" LOWER
"7980" BZZZ! Time's up!

Marco: Another game is on the way on AAP!

A slow motion replay of Moncho winning his way onstage is used as a bump to commercial. Slow motion replays of various things that happened on the episode are used as bumps to all commercials.
"Cecilia Caballero Alvarado, COME ON DOWN! You're the next contestant on AAP!" (Middle-aged brunette in a blue denim blouse over a white top with jeans; her nametag reads "Cecy")

Marco asks where she's from and she, like Moncho, is from Mexico City. And I think she says she's a housewife.

2. Un despachador de agua (basically a water cooler and mini fridge all in one) modeled by Diana

Cecy: $1750
Dany: $2000
Sergio III: $2150
Pato: $2200

Precio de compra (purchase price): $2683. Pato wins.

It's up to the turntable again where Marco says that they have "un par de premios" or "pair of prizes" to show her.

First, it's una calculadora electrica/adding machine, modeled by Cynthia!

Jaime Kurt: This prize can be yours, but that's not the good one. The good one is...(doors open) ¡UN AUTO!

Pato squeals in delight at what appears to be a grayish-blue two-door Geo Metro hatchback, modeled by Roxana.

As you may have guessed, Pato will be playing Any Number, or "Digito Aventura" ("Digit Adventure"). But this point in AAP's run, Digito Aventura's set has been completely overhauled and no longer looks anything like the pictures on Brad Francini's site. The board is round and resembles a giant yellow and orange vortex with numbers strewn about. The center is green with black number displays and yellow prize labels.

There are five digits in the price of the car, the first of which is 8, meaning that the car is only about US$8000. There are three digits in the price of the calculadora and piggy bank, but the decimal point in the bank is after the second digit since an amount less than 10 pesos would be almost laughable in this context.

Marco asks for her first number.

Pato: For the car, right?
Marco: For the car. Or at least the calculator! (laughs)

She wants a 7.

AUTO: 8_ _ _ _

(A weird sound effect which sounds like someone saying "¡Ay!"  is played instead of a ding whenever a number appears in the piggy bank.)

"El dos."

AUTO: 8_ _ _ 2

"El cinco."

AUTO: 8_ _ _ 2

"El seis."

AUTO: 8_ _ 6 2

"El cuatro."

AUTO: 84 _ 6 2

Marco: Pato, one more number and the car is yours! One more number!

After nervously consulting the audience, she decides on 9.

AUTO: 84 _ 6 2

If she doesn't watch out, Pato could walk away with only ninety-some pesos, about US$9. She looks at the audience several times before taking their advice and choosing 1.

AUTO: 84 1 6 2


A siren sounds along with the bell sequence. Pato hugs Marco and basically just squeals in shock. As she walks off the turntable, another woman (possibly a sister) comes up and hug her. This type of thing seems to happen a lot on AAP during pricing game wins.

A slow motion replay of Pato winning the car is shown as a bump.
"Gilberto López Biña, COME ON DOWN! You're the next contestant on AAP!" (Older man with graying hair and mustache in a gray, blue, and white striped shirt and brown pants; his nametags reads "Ato")

Ato takes his place in la línea de las cifras/contestants' row. Marco points out what appear to be kisses (besos) on Ato's cheek. Ato turns his head to reveal a dollar/peso sign on his left (our right) cheek. To be honest, it looks more like a bruise than kiss marks. Marco, I think, says something about how he thought the mark came from someone kissing Ato, causing the audience to say "Woo!" suggestively.

Marco: Did you come here by yourself?
Ato: No, I came with my wife and daughter. (camera gets a shot of his wife Dora and daughter Reyna.)

Marco welcomes them as well as calls for the next item.

3. Una planchadora electrica (steam press), modeled by Peony

Ato: $2200
Cecy: $2500
Dany: $3000
Sergio III: $1800

Precio de compra: $3261. Dany wins.

She and Marco go to the giant price tag, which is white and had a border of multicolored interlocked puzzle pieces with the shows logo in the center.

Dany and her boyfriend Pepe, who Marco points out in the audience, are celebrating "cinco años de noviazgo" or "five years of courtship".

Marco: And everyone wants to know; are Dany and Pepe going to get married?
Dany: Yes. Next year.
Marco: Next year.
Dany: Yes.
Marco: But Pepe didn't know that before the show.
Dany: Of course he knew!
Marco: He did know.
Dany: Yes.
Marco: Does your marriage depend on what you win? Will you still get married when...
Dany: Not at all.
Marco: Not at all.
Dany: Not at all.
Marco: So there's love there.
Dany: Of course.

Dany can win a beautiful new sala (living room), modeled by Roxana. It consists of a matching sofa, loveseat, chair, coffeetable, two end tables and pair of table lamps. Jaime adds at the end of the plug: "Ideal for newlyweds.".

My Spanish here is faulty, but I think Dany says that although she and Pepe are not married, they already have kids. The audience says "wooo" suggestively. Marco says something about her having possibly having two living rooms if she wins the game.

The game is "El Misterio de Los Numeros Perdidos" or "The Mystery of the Lost Numbers". It's basically a variation of Double Prices with an element of Pick-A-Number.

The price on the board is shown as $1 ? 6 ? 0. Dany is given two rounds discs that are each about twice the size of Penny Ante pennies. One has a 3 on it, the other has a 6. She must place the 3 and 6 in the correct spaces to form the price of the living room set. She quickly makes a price of $13,620. Is that right?

$13,620  ¡Sí, señor! (The price reveal is like that of Cover Up, but without Marco hitting a button. The outer flap has a weird design of cartoon eyes looking in different directions.)

Dany has a second living room. ¡Felicidades!

Marco: If we want to see AAP, what should we do, Señor Kurt?

Jaime gives the following address, shown written on an onscreen envelope graphic:

Atínale al Precio
Blvd. Adolfo López Mateos 232
Col. Lomas de San Angel Inn
C. P. 01060
México, D.F.

From there, there is no commercial; we cut right to "La Ruleta de los Pesos" or Showcase Showdown #1. The wheel is basically a carbon copy of ours at the time. Interestingly, there appears to be a slightly raised platform for shorter contestants to stand on to get a good grip of the wheel. Marco reads off each contestant's name and the amount they won, starting from least to greatest. Like our version, the contestant who won the least starts. That's Moncho, and since Marco gives his total winnings as $4174 (price of the kitchen he won in contestants' row), it appears the Mexican version of Clock Game is all or nothing!

Moncho: 45¢ + 70¢ = $1.15. OVER
Dany: 80¢ STAY (Diana stands with the contestant at the scoreboard and gives them a friendly congratulatory peck)
Pato: 20¢ + 75¢ = 95¢ GANADORA (Pato used the platform to stand on)

Pato is taking her car to "El Gran Paquete"/"Showcase"! But first, Jaime tells us there's more AAP!

Jaime: We'll be having many surprises, great prizes, and limitless emotions! You can't miss the second part of AAP!
"Dora Alicia Acosta López, COME ON DOWN! You're the next contestant on TPIR!" (Mid to late 30s heavy-set brunette in a pink pantsuit; her nametag reads "Reyna")

4. Un reloj cucú (cuckoo clock), modeled by Roxana.

Reyna: $1250
Sergio III: $700
Ato: $3050
Cecy: $1800

Precio de compra: $2713. Cecy wins.

Back to door number three where she can win...

Un juveníl mininmoto (mini motorbike) y un horno microondas (microwave oven), modeled by Roxana and Peony respectively. The microwave is from Comercial Mexicana, which is a company that owns a chain of Wal-Mart-esque retail stores in Mexico. The company is given a plug. The microwave is on a podium with the Comercial Mexicana logo on it; the logo is a silhouette of a pelican on a red background.

Cecy can win them both playing "El Revoltijo" or "The Jumble", known in the States as "2 for the Price of 1". The set is a plainer version of ourThey have use four digits in their version, with the first digit (1) already shown, so she has to guess the other three. The board looks like this

      6  8  9
$ 1 $  $  $
      3  4  3

Like our version, Cecy first gets to choose which digit she wants for free. She wants the second digit (which is really the third digit in the price)

      6  8  9
$ 1 $  4  $
      3  _ 3

After consulting the audience, she makes a price of $1643 for the microwave. Is that right?


¡Sí, señor! 

Slow motion replay of Cecy's win as we go to commercial.
"Agustín Malobar Flores, COME ON DOWN! You're the next contestant on AAP!" (Early 30s man with a mustache in a red shirt and jeans; his nametag reads "Joya" which means "jewel" in Spanish)

Joya is from right there in Distrito Federal and says hello to his boss. Marco asks how he got the nickname "jewel". I'm not sure what he says, but it makes Marco laugh.

5. Una mesa de billar (pool table), modeled by Cynthia.

Joya: $4000
Reyna: $3850
Sergio: $3500
Ato: $4001

BZZZ! Todos se pasan. Lower than $3500.

Joya: $3355
Reyna: $2950
Sergio III: $2850
Ato: $2851

Precio de compra: $3391. Joya is out of la línea de las cifras just as fast as he got in.

Marco tells Joya that he and his wife have that pool table, but now he has a chance to win some cash.

The price tag rises and shows Roxana holding a $20,000 AAP bill standing in front of the Punchboard.

Jaime: ¡Hasta 20 mil pesos en 4 Rounds!/ Up to 20 thousand pesos in 4 Rounds!

Their version of Punch-a-Bunch is themed around boxing. It's played just like ours, but with grocery products instead of small prizes. The first grocery product is:

Vinagre Balsámico (balsamic vinegar), which is not $23.54. Is the right price mayor (higher) or menor (lower)? Joya says mayor. It's $45.20. He wins a round/punch.

Antiseptico bucal (mouthwash; it's Listerine, but no plug is given). Not $32.87. Joya says menor. It's $17.91. Two rounds/punches.

Pantene hairspray (they use the word "spray" for hairspray). It's not $67.45. Joya says menor. It's $25.00. Three rounds/punches.

Champiñones (mushrooms), which are not $25.73. Joya says menor. They are $12.00. He wins all four rounds/punches.

Joya takes his punches. The play a boxing bell before each punch. In the first hole he punched out, Marco discovers that Joya has...


They get a close-up of the frequency board. There are each of $1000 and $2000 with segunda oportunidades/second chances. There are 20 $1000, 14 $2000, eight $10,000, and two $20,000 slips on the board. Marco points out that there are more $1000 slips on the board than $2000 slips, meaning that Joya's odds of getting even less money if he gives back $2000 are high. Joya chooses to give it back and Marco tosses the slip aside. In the next hole is...


Joya wins $20,000! A neat animation of a boxing glove and stars appears onscreen along with the $20,000 graphic. He hugs Marco.

Slow motion of the $20,000 slip being shown takes us to commercial.
"Norma Leticia Anderajo Peral, COME ON DOWN! You're the next contestant on AAP!"
(Middle-age brunette with a bouffant-type hairdo in a navy blue pantsuit; her nametag reads "Mortis" and she almost trips on her way down)

Marco asks why she's nicknamed Mortis.

Mortis: Well, I don't know. Maybe I look like Morticia [Addams].

Marco reminds her that Morticia was a very sensual woman (una mujer sensual).

Mortis: Yeah, but she's not me.

Marco laughs and calls for the next item.

6. Un teléfono (telephone shaped like a motorcycle and sidecar; the sidecar is the receiver), modeled by Peony.

Mortis: $1800
Reyna: $1810
Sergio III: $1950
Ato: $2300

BZZZ! Todos se pasan. Lower than $1800.

Mortis: $1200
Reyna: $1650
Sergio III: $1250
Ato: $1300

BZZZ! Todos se pasan otra vez. Lower than $1200 this time.

Mortis: $850
Reyna: $1250 (she takes direction well)
Sergio III: $950
Ato: $952

Precio de compra: $1000. Ato is the winner.

Ato will be playing a game that you'd NEVER see played on our version in any other slot but first, let alone sixth. It's Golden Road, or as they call it "Al Final del Arcoiris"/"At the End of the Rainbow".

Marco: Ato, I have good news. At the end of the rainbow, there is a prize...oh God, how could I explain it? The best prize even offered in the history of AAP.

Ato jokingly points out that his name sounds a lot like "auto".

Marco: That [your name] does sound like a prize!

First, however, there's the matter of the prizes leading up to the big one. It starts with a can of Gillette shaving gel worth $39. That can help Ato win...

Un carro auxiliar, modeled by Cynthia. It's basically is small cabinet on wheel. It's displayed in a red spinny thing similar to ours.

From there, he can win...

Una sistema modular de audio (stereo console), modeled by Roxana. It's displayed behind door number one.

Marco now breaks the exciting news. The prize en el final del arcoiris today is worth more than 279,000 pesos!

"El mejor auto en la historia de AAP," Marco adds.

Behind door number two is a either a Ford Crown Victoria or Mercury Grand Marquis four-door sedan, modeled by Diana.

Marco and Ato take the $39 price tag for the shaving gel to the carro auxiliar, which has three digits in the price.

$ _ 8 1

Ato chooses 9.

$ 981

Not suprisingly, he wins it. It obviously wouldn't be 3 since that would make the prize just US$30; cabinets are more than that.

Not it's off the stereo system, where there are four digits in the price.

$ 9 _ 4 5

Ato looks at the audience before deciding on 8. Marco draws out the reveal just a bit, shaking Ato's hand to wish him luck since winning this prize means he'll get to play for the car. Is it an 8

$9 1 4 5

No. (The buzzer and losing horns play.)

Marco shows us the price of the car, although he doesn't reveal the hidden digit.

$ 2 7 9 _ 8 6

Marco sends Ato on his way, reminding him that he will be back to spin the wheel and may win his way into el paquete de los premios.

Marco: Speaking of prizes, what do we have for our friends there [still in contestants' row], Señor Kurt?

Contestants not appearing onstage will receive un reproductor personal de casettes (walkman) and un juego de cocina (cookware set). Jaime adds "Mil gracias para acompañados" or "A thousand thanks for being with us".

It's time to spin la ruleta again. Marco reads off everyone's total winnings: Ato has $2020 (apparently, the contestant is given the first item in Golden Road on this version), Cecy has $17933, and Joya has $23,591. Ato goes first.

Ato: 60¢ + 60¢ = $1.20 OVER
Cecy: 75¢ STAYS
Joya: 15 (almost 80¢) + 30¢ = 45¢ (he's still buzzed even though he didn't go over)

Cecy will take on Pato en el gran paquete!

Slow-motion of Ato winning his way onstage is shown.
It's time for el gran paquete/showcases! Or literally, "the big package". The rules are the same as the US, with a Double Showcase rule for being less than 100 pesos away, although by this time, our show had increased it to US$250 or less away.

Pato is the top winner! Cecy is the runner-up!

The podiums blue for the top winner and pastel pink for the runner-up. They have a squarish design with lots of angles and a TPIR dollar sign on either side. The readouts can hold seven digits, eight if you take out the red eggcrate dollar sign. What's the first paquete/showcase?

Their version of the Race Game curtain (which has a design on it similar to the big doors) lifts and reveals a big screen TV (50-inch), two red leather recliners, a standing lamp, and end table. All modeled by Cynthia.

But if you want to go outdoors, you can enjoy your nuevo juego de jardín/patio set, modeled by Diana. It includes a table and umbrella with four chairs, a 16-piece ceramic dinnerware set, and a set of flatware. Even your dog is covered as there's also a small plastic doghouse with a dish, two bones a sack of Pedigree dog food, and a leash! To care for your yard, there's a rake, tree trimmer, hose, and standing bug zapper. There's also an inflatable pool, a CD/casette radio, and a cooler. It's all from Comercial Mexicana.

Later, you can sleep tight in your new recamara/bedroom, modeled by Roxana. It contains a large dresser with mirror, a smaller dresser, two end tables with lamps, and a double bed with mattress.

And this paquete, which appears to have been little more than three random furniture groupings offered all at once, can be yours if the price is right!

Pato considers it carefully and decides to bid on it. She bids $75,000.

This next paquete es para Cecy.

The Race Game curtain again rises, this time displaying an all-in-one laundry center (one of those washers with the overhead dryer), a small plastic hamper, and bucket, and a treadmill. It's all modeled by Diana.

To get it away from it all, how about un viaje (a trip) to Cancun? They use a similar but elongated trip skin to ours at the time, modeled by Cynthia in a bright green bathing suit. It's for two people and is for cinco días y cuatro noches/five days, four nights.

At home, you can serve your family en tu nuevo antecomedor/in your new breakfast nook, modeled by Roxana! It's consists of a table with four chairs, a curio cabinet , two decorative plates, and a refrigerator/freezer.

Then you can get some work done en tu nuevo despacho executiva/executive home office, modeled by Peony in a professional-looking dark blue skirt suit! It contains a desk, file cabinet. a conference table with four chairs ("para juntas"/"for meetings"), and a computer with printer. They also throw in some desk equipment, such as a pen set and name plate, and a bronze table lamp.

And this showcase, which appears as equally haphazard as the first, can be yours if the price is right!

Cecy also bids $75,000. Marco points out that the identical bids "are not a problem because you each have a different showcase.".

¿Quién ganará?/Who will win?
A replay of Moncho playing Clock Game takes us back in from commercial.

Pato bid $75,000. (RECAMARA/BEDROOM)
Precio de compra: $53,272 OVER (The read out reads SE PASA, which basically means OVER)

Marco: As long as she hasn't gone over, Cecy wins.

Cecy also bid $75,000. (DESPACHO/OFFICE)
Precio de compra: "Seventy...TWO thousand, five thirty-two!" SE PASA

It's a double overbid on AAP!

Marco reminds each of them that they have won some great prizes already and tanks us for tuning in. Roll credits. Rather than going into the audience after a DOB like Bob or Drew, he stays on the turntable and talks to the contestants. The Beauties join him and wave at the camera.
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Re: Atínale al Precio: November 1999 episode
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Thank you, Goodboy, for a great recap of this episode.  I can't believe I didn't even notice the darn thing for a week!

And wow, Atinale had an original pricing game!  Who knew?
"Every game is somebody's favorite." -- Wise words from Roger Dobkowitz.

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Re: Atínale al Precio: November 1999 episode
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Here's the episode. If anyone is better at Spanish wants to translate what I couldn't or correct my translations, be my guest.

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Re: Atínale al Precio: November 1999 episode
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I can´t quite make out what Marco asks Ato coming out of the living room plug, but the gist is that Ato and her future husband have already bought most of their living room furniture. Not sure why the audience reacts salaciously to this news. Maybe it implies they already live together, which could have been mildly scandalous at that time. Marco suggests since they already have furniture that if she wins, she could split the room set among the audience members.

I´m amused that in Digitoventura, after describing the calculator, the announcer says "You could win this prize, but it´s not the good one. The good one is this car!"
"Atinale el precio" moment: Contestant Laila has jumped into Marco's arms and taken his microphone.

Laila: "How much do I weigh? Give me your bid."
Marco: "Er...without going over?"

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Re: Atínale al Precio: November 1999 episode
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Joya´s explanation of his name is rather silly; he says he came up with the name while in line for the show. He figures if he didn´t win anything, he could still tell his wife he brought her home a "jewel".
"Atinale el precio" moment: Contestant Laila has jumped into Marco's arms and taken his microphone.

Laila: "How much do I weigh? Give me your bid."
Marco: "Er...without going over?"