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In a PM:

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Gatorman wrote:

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Jordanar18 wrote:
Are we seeding the money leaders according to where they are on the leaderboard? (That would make sense, since PF985 would have a lower seeding than Willy if we did it in order of Monies won.)


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Hmmmm...yes, go ahead with that.

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1st Round Matchups:

P1 - Jordanar18
M8 - Robair

M4 - Gatorman
P5 - Joe_Mello

P3 - Forrest20
M6 - NCC-2000

M2 - namnhu12
P7 - rodroddyfan


P2 - PriceFanArmadillo
M7 - heelsrule1988

M3 - BuddyTom
P6 - rcbought

P4 - umbchockeypa08
M5 - FPGWillyT

M1 - PriceFan985
P8 - LudwigMackdaddy

I have asked heels to post the bracket.


Let the madness begin. :-D


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Jordanar18 wrote:


P2 - PriceFanArmadillo
M7 - heelsrule1988

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Oh dear Lord...this will be something.  I bet we could make a pretty penny selling the tickets to be ringside for this one!  :-D

A couple of good undercard matches are Jordan/Robair in the typical old guard/new guard matchup, and then there's the battle of the Joes who had a bit of a rivalry earlier in the season.

ok when will the playoffs begin so I know if i can make it on the day I am scheduled.


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