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#0822K - December 31, 1998 - The "Bubba" episode
« on: October 30, 2014, 06:09:41 PM »
I originally wrote this recap back in '98 and posted it to I've tweaked it for presentation here.

Ep 0822K
Airdate December 31, 1998
"Here it comes.  From the Bob Barker studio at CBS in Hollywood, Television's most exciting hour of fantastic prizes, the fabulous 60-minute Price is Right."

Opening Titles: * Brighten Your Day * Always Something New * You'll love it *

The first four contestants enter right to left.

IUFB #1:  Howard Miller grandfather clock

Allyson: 1170
Richard: 1500
Elaine: 1995
Laura: 1501

ARP: 2340. Eleaine is up and can win a new Caribbean Spa, plus a little extra cash in the CHECK GAME.

Elaine is a NJ bartender.  The Price is Right is on in her bar at the appropriate time.  Bob says, "I'll drink to that."

in my original post, I had an ASCII image of a check here

Amount of Check:  $2000
Spa:  $3995
Total:  $5995.  WIN!

That's apparently the closest anyone has gotten to $6000 as of the original day of taping

The next contestant is Michael "Bubba" Hester, COME ON DOWN!

Bubba has 4 goals:  Never miss a day in class in 12 years, Play football in college (Central Michigan University), be on TPiR, and open a Country Store.

Bob: "Where's Ralph Edwards when we need him?"

1 out of 5 people in Alabama are nicknamed "Bubba", but this one's going to the most famous to date.  He's on TV!

Bob suggest that he forget the store and go into politics.

IUFB 2:  Wine Credenza
BUBBA: 1250
Laura: 1500
Allyson: 1800
Richard: 1
**CLANGERS** One of you is exactly right, and I dare says it's not Richard. The perfect bid bonus was still $100 on this episode.

ARP: 1800

For Allyson, the credenza and $100 are nice, but even if the bonus was $500, this would be even nicer..............

A NEW CAR! (Cue the original Bean Stalker)

It's a Buick LeSabre with Standard equipment and California Emission.

Allyson will play PATHFINDER. The first digit is a 2.

The three prizes available if she misses are:
Plasticote Fleck Stone spray paint
Game of Knowledge
Conair Cordkeeper Drier

Her first choices (clockwise from left) are 5, 0, 4, and 1
She steps on the 4: CLANGERS. $24,---

From the 4, her choices are (clockwise from the back) 8, 3, and 0.
She steps on the 8 ERRO

For the Game of Knowledge, the price is either $25 or $39.
Allyson picks $25. ARP: $25 WIN!

Her second choice for the third digit is 3: CLANGERS. $24,3--

Allyson is on the left edge of the Pathfinder board, so her choices are to step back to the 5 or forward to the 9.
She tries the 5 ERRO
She goes for another chance with the hair dryer. Her choices are $43 or $58
She picks $43. ARP: $43 WIN!

Needless to say, she steps on the 9 and receives CLANGERS. $24,39-

Allyson's next choice of numbers are the 5 in front of her or the 0 to her right.
She goes with the 5. CLANGERS! WIN! ARP: $24,395.

The Sixth contestant, Amy, turned 30 on the day of taping.

IUFB 3:  Pinseeker Golf Clubs. I'm sure Bob would LOOOOVE those :)

AMY: 900
Richard: 1000
Bubba: 1100
Laura: 1101
ARP: 1667. Laura's not going to be very welcome at Bubba's country store, but she will be welcome on stage.

She could win a Precision Lawn Tractor, a Ashley Dining Set, and a Magic Chef Range. Hopefully, this will be EASY AS 1-2-3

[1] Range       $ 550
[2] Dining set  $1098
[3] Tractor     $1499

SCSD #1:
Laura: 70 and stays. **SHOWCASE**
Elaine BOO + 20 + 100 MRRP
Allyson 45 + 65 MRRP

IUFB 4: Hatteras Hammocks Hammock w/FiberCon
Amy: 900
Richard: 1100
Bubba: 1

ARP: 820.

Bubba could win a Flexsteel Sofa for the front of that store, and a Pulaski Curio cabinet for his football trophies. Bubba plans to call his store Bubba Mart

What's the Bigger Bargain on BARKER'S BARGAIN BAR

Bubba says the cabinet's a "Good ol' bargain"

Bargain Price: 1181
ARP: 1581
Difference: 400

Bargain Price: 775
ARP: 1375
Difference: 600 WIN!

IUFB 5:  Rustic Crafts fireplace

TRINH: 1500
Charles: 1000
Amy: 1501
Richard: 1502

ARP: 1197

Charles could win a Libman's Wonder Mop, a Lane Cedar chest and finally, we have A NEW CAR
Mercury Tracer GS w/ Trio group, AT, AC, CA Emission.

Charles knows TEN CHANCES, but he told Bob he usually isn't very good.

Mop:  2-0-1
1. 20 BUZZ
2. 10 WIN!
Chest:  9-0-5-1
3. 510 BUZZ
4. 950 BUZZ
5. 590 WIN!
Car 9-3-0-4-1

He doesn't get it at home well, but he got it on stage and that's what counts.

Richard has been here the whole show. Will he be banished to Bushong, Kansas?

IUFB 6:  Oneida Silverware (The Giant Price Tag is visible)

Amy: 900
Richard: 800
Trinh: 650

ARP: 860. Richard escapes and meets Bob at the GPT.

Bob: "Richard, you have seen us today have 5 winners in a row.  We've given away appliances,  we've given away furniture,  we've given away cars,  we've given away hammocks.  Rod, is there anything left?"

[Cue FF Ending]

Rod: "A little something Richard.  How about a chance to win $10,000 in cash."

But in the GRAND GAME we start you with $1.  The Target Price is $2.50

Rumor has it that Bob was at the Coast Guard academy.  That's not true, and he wasn't in the naval academy either

Grocery Products:
Mrs. Butterworths light
Reduced fat Skippy
Ragu Cheese Sauce
Little Debbie Strawberry Cookies
Bon Ami

Peanut Butter:  2.19  $10
Sauce:  1.79 $100
Little Debbies:  1.39 $1,000

He goes on. Bob Stalls, but Richard says "Get on with it."

Bon Ami:  1.09 *WINS $10,000 and seals the perfect day*


Richard is a Coast Guard cadet, Bubba's a former guardsman

Bubba    80 and stays **SHOWCASE**
Richard  75 + 40 = MRRP
Charles  25 + 5 = 30

Bubba is in the showcase as the runner up

SC #1:  if Kids ran the show

Trailmates fun cycles
Lost World pinball machine
Rigal XR2 18' ski boat

Laura Passes. Bubba bids $13,500

Showcase #2
New Vaughn-Bassett Bedroom Group
Custom Designs Bedding
English Teas, including some hot Earl Gray
Trip to London (6n Montajue on the Gardens)
Laura bids 13700

Bubba Bid 13500
ARP 17120
Diff 3620

Laura Bid 13700
ARP 13581
she's OVER.  Bubba Wins, hugs Laura, and goes to meet the beauties.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: This was the first taped episode of Season 27 and, as it turns out, the only perfect show. The show was attended by several members of, including Toni Harrison and Randy Amasia. Randy, in particular, was spotted a few times on camera.

Because of the presence of the ATGS "crew," the episode was partially spoiled, and very much anticipated. The episode was scheduled to air on September 22nd, as the second episode of Season 27. Because of a pre-emption on the 21st covering the Ken Starr investigation that eventually led to President Clinton's impeachment, the premiere was re-scheduled for the 22nd, and this episode re-scheduled for December 28th, the first slot of the Christmas break. However, after three more East Coast preemptions in November and December, the episode did not get aired until New Year's Eve... which caused a minor concern among some in the ATGS community.

Also, as noted above, Bob indicated the playing of Check Game was the closest playing to $6000 to date. A "perfect" playing occurred on the next first-run episode aired... January 4, 1999 (#0961K)
All opinions expressed here are well-reasoned and insightful. Needless to say, they are not those of the Price is Right, or any organization for which I have worked for or will work for. Anyone who says otherwise is itching for a fight.


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Re: #0822K - December 31, 1998 - The "Bubba" episode
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This episode brings up something that disappoints me about the show these days. I watched the show all the time when this episode aired. They usually had a car like the one in Pathfinder, in the $24,000 range, once every week or so. Now, cars are several thousand dollars more expensive (as you can see from the price of the car in 10 Chances), and the cars on the show still rarely exceed $24,000, except on special shows. A car equivalent to the LeSabre would probably be worth $30K or more these days.
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