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March 2, 1988
« on: December 11, 2014, 02:32:55 PM »
The last stand for a few elements of the show are featured here...and there is no Dian on this episode. Also, Rod is seen in a multi-colored jacket, which he would do before switching over to sequined ones for the remainder of his career.

First Four: Delmar, Nancy, Bettye, Keith

IUFB 1: Exercise Equipment
Delmar: $2500
Nancy: $1150
Bettye: $1200
Keith: $1250*
ARP: $1695

PG1: Money Game--Played for a Toyota Truck
First pick: 75 (front of truck)
Second pick: 39 (Wins $39)
Third pick: 41 (Wins $80)
Fourth pick: 58 (back of truck)

Second Calldown: Allen

IUFB 2: Sofa (Winner also receives supply of light bulbs)
Allen: $750
Delmar: $850
Nancy: $1100
Bettye: $1101*
ARP: $1129

PG2: Most Expensive--Played for a Grandfather Clock, Motorcycle and Hutch
Bettye picks #1
Price of #2: $1949
Price of #3: $910
Price of #1: $1625

Third Calldown: Gary

IUFB 3: 2 Guitars
Gary: $600
Allen: $1000
Delmar: $850
Nancy: $851*
ARP: $885

PG3: Grocery Game--Played for Kitchen Appliances, Cookbook Videos and VCR ($3254)
GP1: Handi-Wipes
GP2: Hershey's Syrup
GP3: Stove Top
GP4: Beer Nuts
GP5: Margarine

First purchase: 6 Stove Tops ($1.39 x 6 =$8.34)

Yes, even with the original $6.75-$7 range, there were wipeouts on Grocery Game. I think this is an even bigger problem with the current $20-$21 range, which will be implemented less than 11 months afterwards.

Nancy: .25+.85=OVER
Bettye: .35+.60=.95
Keith: .55+.15=.70
Bettye is going to the Showcase!

The ticket plug is still done before the first SCSD, there are still pink dollar signs on the Big Wheel, and Dig We Must ends both SCSDs, none of which will be the case a year from now. However, the third element will return during the midway part of Season 37, the show's second with Drew as host, and the Big Wheel will have two large silver Pricedown dollar signs on it; it'll even use a background similar to the 1979-88 design to complement said dollar signs during its short "Purple Wheel" phase.

Fourth Calldown: John

IUFB 4: Cellular Telephone
John: $3000
Gary: $750
Allen: $2000
Delmar: $1000*
ARP: $1150

PG4: Poker Game--Played for Cookware, Entertainment Cabinet, Artwork and Table Lamp
Delmar picks Lamp ($339) and Artwork ($700)
Player's Hand: 33009
He passes to house
Price of Cookware: $950
Price of Entertainment Cabinet: $799
New hand: 99975

Fifth Calldown: Dolly

IUFB 5: Knitting Machine
Dolly: $600
John: $650
Gary: $750
Allen: $800*
ARP: $1095

PG5: Punch-a-Bunch
SP1: Sweeper (Wrong price: $67--picks lower; ARP: $40)
SP2: Dispenser (Wrong price: $211--picks lower; ARP: $150)
SP3: Cooker (Wrong price: $68--picks lower; ARP: $55)
SP4: Ice Crusher (Wrong price: $19--picks higher; ARP: $40)
Wins all four SPs and four punches

First punch: $1000; gives it back
Second punch: $100 + Second Chance worth $100, for a total of $200; gives it back
Third punch: $50; gives it back
Fourth punch: $500

Final Calldown: Effie

IUFB 6: Washer/Dryer (Winner receives supply of Beef Stew)
Effie: $1000
Dolly: $1005
John: $1200
Gary: $1099

Effie: $895
Dolly: $875
John: $820
Gary: $999* (Also wins $100 for perfect bid)
ARP: $999

PG6: Temptation--Played for a Ford Escort
Prize #1: Golf Bag Carrier ($740; picks 7)
Prize #2: 2 Watchman TVs ($414; picks 4)
Prize #3: Barbecue Grill ($399; picks 3)
Prize #4: Luggage ($660; picks 0)
Car's price at $7430; no changes
Total of prizes offered: $2,213
Gary goes for car
ARP: $7430

At this point, the Temptation board is still green, but it will become pink a month from now.

Allen: .15+.55=.70
Delmar: .65+.65=OVER
Gary: .85
Gary is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Gary
Runner-Up: Bettye

Video Camera; Sailboat; Pontiac Trans Am T-Top
Gary passes to Bettye, who bids $17,500

Brass Cradle; Bedroom Group; Caribbean Cruise
Gary bids $9,500

ARP of Bettye's Showcase: $20,990 (Difference: $3,490)
ARP of Gary's Showcase: $9,069 (OVER)

Bettye wins her Showcase, and takes home a grand total of $22,144 in cash and prizes!

As evidenced by today's closing, Bob's sign-off does not include the spay/neuter part on each episode, but this will soon change, and continue well into the Drew era.