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September 22, 1986 (GREAT show!)
« on: December 14, 2014, 01:09:06 PM »
Here's a personal favorite daytime episode of mine from 1986.

David, Patricia, Coreen (sp?), and Elizabeth come on down

IUFB #1: Refrigerator/freezer from Tappan with a Kentucky Fried Chicken gift certificate

Elizabeth: $1,250
Coreen: $1,150
Patricia: $1,201
David: $1,100

ARP: $1,190

Coreen wins and will play Lucky Seven for a Dodge Daytona

5th number is 6

1st number: Guesses 1, number is 1
2nd number: Guesses 3, number is 1, loses $2
3rd number: Guesses 3, number is 3
4th number: Guesses 5, number is 9, loses $4 WIN

Ramona comes on down

IUFB #2: Set of golf clubs by Pinseeker, brought out by the TPiR robot

Ramona: $1,200
Patricia: $750
David: $650
Elizabeth: $800

ARP: $1,001

Elizabeth wins and will play Danger Price for a dishwasher from Thermador, chair and ottoman, baker's rack from Corsican, and a pair of exercise bikes from Excel

Danger price is $1,275

1st choice: Dishwasher, is $645
2nd choice: Bikes, are $400
3rd choice: Chair and ottoman, is $1,700 WIN

Dennis comes on down

IUFB #3: Stereo system

Dennis: $725
Ramona: $927
Patricia: $1,200
David: $1,100

ARP: $1,000

Ramona wins and will play Phone Home Game for a chance to share up to $15,000

Home player is Dawn from New York

Nails from Acrylic
Peanut butter chips from Reese's
Aftershave from Clubman
Scooby Doo child's vitamins
Tissues from Kleenex
Liquid bandages from New Skin
Plant food from Oxygen plus

Dawn says $5.49, Ramona says aftershave, is wrong, price was $4.50
Dawn says $7.72, Ramona says vitamins, is right
Dawn says $.91, Ramona says tissues, is right

Aftershave has $200, vitamins have $2,000, and tissues have $3,000

Ramona and Dawn split $5,000

Nails had $1,000, chips had $10,000, bandages had $200, and plant food had $1,000

Showcase showdown #1:

Ramona: First spin is .75, stays
Elizabeth: First spin is .55, second spin is .45, total is 1.00, wins $1,000
Coreen: First spin is .75, second spin is .45 OVER

Bonus spin: .55

Elizabeth wins $1,000 and goes to the showcases

Yvonne comes on down

IUFB #4: Wall Unit from Merillat Industries

Yvonne: $900
Patricia: $700
David: $1,000
Dennis: $1,250

ARP: $1,618

Dennis wins and will play One Right Price for a carousel horse from Designer Repros and a grandfather clock from Pearl

ORP is $1,050, chooses clock WIN

Horse is $1,600

Kenneth comes on down

IUFB #5: Washer and dryer from Admiral

Kenneth: $895
Yvonne: $1,000
Patricia: $1,200
David: $875

ARP: $999

Kenneth wins and will play Bonus Game for bedroom furniture worth $5,450

1st prize: 3-way vacuum from Bissell, wrong price is $57, goes higher, price is $72
2nd prize: Hair dryer from Conair, wrong price is $25, goes lower, price is $17
3rd prize: Coffee maker from Black & Decker wrong price is $70, goes lower, price is $56
4th prize: Pair of slacks from Levi's, wrong price is $20, goes higher, price is $28 WIN

Bonus is in second window

Cynthia comes on down

IUFB #6: Culturred pearl necklace from Michael C. Fina

Cynthia: $1,200
Yvonne: $950
Patricia: $1,250
David: $900

ARP: $1,495

Patricia wins and will play One Away for a Renault Alliance

Wrong price is $8,852, guesses $7,943

Has 4 right WIN

Showcase showdown #2:

Dennis: First spin is .85, stays
Kenneth: First spin is .15, second spin is .55, total is .70
Patricia: First spin is 1.00, wins $1,000

Bonus spin: .30

Patricia wins $1,000 and goes to the showcases


Top winner: Patricia
Runner up: Elizabeth

Showcase #1:

Something for every room in the house:
Dinette set from Wildwood Manufacturing Inc.
Gottlieb Rock pinball machine
Range from Kelvinator
Baby grand piano from Schafer & Sons

Patricia passes, Elizabeth bids $17,000

Showcase #2:

Unusual daydreamers:
Alaskan cruise
Trip to New York
Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

Patricia bids $22,000

Patricia bid $22,000, ARP is $31,751, difference is $9,751
Elizabeth bid $17,000, ARP is $11,833 OVER

Patricia wins a total of $42,189

FANTASTIC EPISODE!!!! There were lots of winners, great and smart contestants, great prizes, great games, the big showcase was won, a couple of exactas, two $1,000 wins on the wheel, and a 5-out-of-6-er.

Lucky Seven: Interesting to see the 5-digit version of this game pop up in daytime. It was pretty mean to have a 9 as the (technically) last number, since Coreen only lost 2 bucks, it didn't matter (unless she guessed lower than 5, then it would have been a painful loss).
Danger Price: It was a tossup between the rack and chair and ottoman. I would have lost this one.
Phone Home Game: The one game that stopped us from having a perfect show. I've never really understood the rules of this game very much, though.
One Right Price: I was very surprised when Dennis won. That horse didn't look $1,600.
Bonus Game: Great job, Kenneth!
One Away: And another exacta! This was somewhat easy, since One Away usually doesn't have repeating digits in the car's real price.
Showcases: I knew right off the bat that Elizabeth overbid. Pianos are expensive, but not THAT expensive. I was shocked that Patricia's showcase was only about $31,000+. I half expected it to be $40,000+. Were Cadillac Fleetwoods that cheap? Nevertheless, it was won and Patricia wins over $41,000 for the day, including 2 trips, $1,000, and 2 cars! Congratulations, Patricia!

Easily a 10/10 in my book.
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