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February 4, 1994
« on: December 15, 2014, 03:32:22 PM »
First Four: Zenobia, Barbara, Vincent, Richard

Bob makes an audience entrance.

IUFB 1: Color TV
Richard: $550
Vincent: $825*
Barbara: $800
Zenobia: $700
ARP: $1119

Bob does the "Bid on that in dollars" spiel here.

PG1: Golden Road--Starts with can of garbanzas, and played for a Ping-Pong Table, Dinette Set and something worth more than $56,000...a Cabin Cruiser!
Price of garbanzas: 49

Ping-Pong Table: $?25
Picks 4, is right

Dinette Set: $1?70
Picks 2, is wrong ($1470)

Second Calldown: Christine

IUFB 2: Sofa (Winner also receives lotion)
Christine: $1400*
Barbara: $1000
Zenobia: $1200
Richard: $1
ARP: $1413

PG2: Clock Game--Played for Curio Cabinet and Golf Clubs
Christine will bid on curio cabinet
Christine's bids/Bob's responses: $1500/L; $1100/L; $800/H; $900/L; $850/H; $860/H; $875/H; $880/H; $890/H; $895/H; $899 (wins)
18 seconds left

Christine will bid on golf clubs
Christine's bids/Bob's responses: $500/H; $600/H; $700/H; $800/H; $1000/L; $900/H; $950/H; $975/H; $980/H; $990/L; $985/L; $980/H; $983/L; $982/L; $981 (wins for her husband Jay)
3 seconds left

Third Calldown: Chad
IUFB 3: Pendant
Chad: $1500*
Barbara: $1300
Zenobia: $1400
Richard: $1
ARP: $1510

PG3: Secret "X"--Played for a Trip to Puerto Rico ($5,376)
Free X: Upper Left

SP1: Photo Album ($10 or $20, chooses $20; ARP: $20--right)
SP2: Cookie Jar ($45 or $70, chooses $45; ARP: $45--right)

Chad places other X's on bottom right and top right

Secret X location: bottom center

Vincent: .05+.10=.15
Chad: .55+.05=.60
Christine: .15+.20=.35

Chad is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Amity

IUFB 4: Hammock (Winner also receives Dum-Dum Pops)
Amity: $750*
Barbara: $900
Zenobia: $1250
Richard: $901
ARP: $820

PG4: Magic #--Played for Party Cart and Washer/Dryer
Magic number must be more than party cart, but less than washer dryer
Amity sets magic number to $850
ARP of party cart: $931
ARP of washer/dryer: $1255

Fifth Calldown: Waldo

IUFB 5: Recycling Cabinet
Waldo: $950
Barbara: $1200
Zenobia: $951
Richard: $1201

Waldo: $700
Barbara: $701
Zenobia: $740
Richard: $741*
ARP: $888

PG5: Grand Game
Target Price: $2.40
GP1: Bread Mix
GP2: Soap
GP3: V8 Vegetable Juice
GP4: Bathroom Cleaner
GP5: Honey
GP6: Ice Cream Bars

First pick: Soap ($.95), wins $10
Second pick: Bread Mix ($1.39), wins $100
Third pick: Ice Cream Bars ($2.79), game over
Other prices: Juice ($1.69), Cleaner ($2.19), Honey ($2.59)

Final Calldown: Gerrick

IUFB 6: Baker's Rack
Gerrick: $759
Waldo: $850*
Barbara: $500
Zenobia: $750
ARP: $860

PG6: Lucky $even--Played for a Ford Probe
First number in price of car: 1

Second number: Guesses 5; Actual number--4 (gives back $1)
Third number: Guesses 7; Actual number--5 (gives back $2)
Fourth number: Guesses 5; Actual number--3 (gives back $2)
Fifth number: Guesses 6; Actual number--7 (gives back $1; has $1 left)

Amity: .95
Richard: .45+.40=.85
Waldo: .30+.50=.85

Amity is going to the Showcase!

Bob gives Waldo a dollar bill from Lucky $even, and has Fingers autograph it for him.

Top Winner: Chad
Runner-Up: Amity

Motor Scooter; Sport Boat; Ford Festiva; Chrysler Concorde
Chad bids $28,500

Grandfather Clock; Bedroom Group; Grand Piano
Amity bids $21,000

ARP of Chad's Showcase: $36,576 (Difference: $8,076)
ARP of Amity's Showcase: $19,784 (OVER)

Chad wins his Showcase, and takes home a grand total of $38,151 in cash and prizes, including two cars!