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#1173D - November 27, 1974 (Lower Means Lower, Neva)
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Price is Right #1173D - Airdate November 27, 1974

"A fortune in fabulous prizes may go to these people today, if they know when... The Price Is Right!"


IUFB #1: Catamaran (Catyak from Dayton Marine), plus a supply of Blistex to the winner

Since this show predates the multicolored Contestant's Row displays, I will note where the bidding starts from. The first bid, as usual, proceeds from Position 1 at the left of Contestant's Row.

Lydia: $325
Neva: $375
Andrea: $400
John: $500

ARP: $395

Neva is the first winner of the day, and she will be playing the Clock Game for an assortment of appliances (Toastmaster broiler/rotisserie, waffle iron, toaster oven, coffee maker, and four-slot toaster) and a range (from Hardwick Stove Company, with smooth ceramic cooktop, warming shelf, and continuous cleaning oven)!

First, Neva will bid on the Toastmaster appliances. We're looking for a retail price of $229.

$100 - HIGHER
$150 - HIGHER
$170 - HIGHER
$180 - HIGHER
$190 - HIGHER
$200 - HIGHER
$300 - LOWER
$350 - LOWER (this could spell trouble...)
$340 - LOWER
$330 - LOWER
$320 - LOWER
$310 - LOWER
$309, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - all LOWER
$300 - LOWER (still)
$299, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 - all LOWER
$250 - LOWER (finally back on the trail, but it's much too late)
$240 - LOWER
$230 - LOWER

BUZZ! Time's up before she could get the appliances. The price of the range goes unrevealed.


Neva's Winnings: $395


IUFB #2: Grandfather Clock (solid walnut, from Emperor Clock Company)

This time, the bidding proceeds from position 2 and will end with position 1.

Ericka: $250
Andrea: $369
John: $785
Lydia: $370 (getting friendly with Andrea)

ARP: $385

Lydia wins her way up on stage in time to play the big game of the day - it's Five Price Tags for an AMC Hornet Sportabout station wagon (V8 engine, automatic column transmission, power steering, power brakes, AM radio, roof rack, tailgate air deflector, visibility group, light group, whitewall tires, wheel covers, door edge guards, body side molding, and backed by the AMC Buyer Protection Plan)!

After a brief look at the price tags, they're whisked away and we begin the true-or-false part of the game, where Lydia can earn up to four picks of those price tags.

SMALL PRIZE #1: Sunbeam Hotshot hot beverage maker

The price given is $25. Lydia says it is FALSE (well, first she said lower). The correct price is $20, so it is FALSE (and lower, too) and so she has her first pick of the tags.

SMALL PRIZE #2: Schick Fresh Air Machine

Bob reveals a price of $16, and Lydia goes with TRUE this time. The correct price for this one is also $20, so it is actually FALSE. No pick earned there.

SMALL PRIZE #3: Citation luggage, from U.S. Luggage (one bag, with rollaway capability)

$68 is what we see for this prize. Lydia sticks with TRUE, and the price is $68, so it is indeed TRUE. That gives her a second choice of the price tags.

SMALL PRIZE #4: Imperial chrome-plated bike carrier, from Mijon Bicycle Products

The price presented to Lydia is $36. She agrees with the majority of the audience in saying FALSE, but it ends up being TRUE, as $36 is the correct price. No pick awarded for that.

Lydia has earned two choices of the price tags, and now we bring them back for her consideration. One of these prices is the correct one for the AMC Hornet...


Lydia first chooses $3689 to be the price of the car. Bob pulls it, and we see... NO.

Her second and final pick is $3877. The tag is removed, is she a winner... NO.



Lydia's Winnings: $473


IUFB #3: Refrigerator/Freezer (18 cubic feet, from Kelvinator)

As with the first round of bidding, we'll begin at Position 1.

Margaret: $474
Ericka: $450
Andrea: $425
John: $430 (not good for Andrea, but actually a moot point, because...)

ARP: $450

We're a couple years away from instituting the $100 bonus for perfect bids, but Ericka has still made one, and that means she's coming on up to play the Range Game for a game set (table and four chairs, from Richards Furniture)!

TODAY'S SCALE: $1,200-$1,800

Andrea stops the $150 rangefinder with it approximately covering $1,353-$1,503.



Ericka's Winnings: $1,934



Ericka, by virtue of being the only winner today, gets to choose her showcase. Thanks to the small prizes from Five Price Tags, Lydia is our runner-up who will be bidding against her.

Furniture Group (Dunning Ltd. - four-piece group in English pine)
Lamps (Touchlite - Aquarius collection, three 24-karat gold and chrome lamps)
Carpeting (Williams East - 40 square yards)
Color TV/Stereo Combo (Philco - 25-inch TV, 8-track player, AM/FM radio, record changer)

Ericka passes this showcase to Lydia, who bids $2,500 on it.

Dining Room Furniture (Keller - Elegante solid-oak group)
Stoneware (Pfaltzgraff - 12 place settings)
Turkey (Ralston Purina - 12-pound Honeysuckle White bird)
AMC Gremlin (V8 engine, automatic floor transmission, power steering, power brakes, AM radio, visibility group, light group, whitewall tires, wheel covers, and backed by the AMC Buyer Protection Plan)

Ericka bids $5,000 on the second showcase.

Lydia (SC1 - FAM. ROOM): Bid of $2,500 - ARP is $3,383 - Difference of $883
Ericka (SC2 - THANKSGIVING): Bid of $5,000 - ARP is $4,669 - OVER by $331

Lydia is today's big winner, with $3,856 in prizes after that showcase is added to her total!





BIGGEST WINNER: Lydia ($3,856)

"Stay tuned for Match Game 74 next, over most of these CBS stations!"