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#1372D - April 15, 1975 (Tax and Title Times Two)
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Price is Right #1372D - Airdate April 15, 1975

"A fortune in fabulous prizes may go to these people today, if they know when... The Price Is Right!"


IUFB #1: Stereo (DuMont 66-inch quad console phonograph/radio/8-track player)

As always, the day's first round of bids starts at Position 1, furthest to the left.

Winnie: $650
Winifred: $375
Doreen: $350 (she must think Winifred is barely over)
Adrienne: $300

ARP: $380

Winifred wins the first prize, and moreover she draws the big game of the day, Lucky $even, for a Chevrolet Nova sedan (deluxe bumpers and guards, vinyl roof, white-striped tires, wheel opening moldings, power brakes, and heavy-duty radiator) that comes rolling on out from backstage!

Bob brings out the seven one-dollar bills for Winifred. She's going to need to have one of them left once the price is completely revealed in order to purchase that car.

Winifred guesses that the first number is 5 (over the audience's shouts of 4), and the number is revealed to be 3. Two dollars leave her hand, leaving five still in play.

She hopes that the second number in the price is 8, and we open the door to see a 7. Not a bad guess, but it still costs her a dollar, leaving four.

With a bit of hesitation, Winifred tries 5 for the third number. The door slides open and shows a 6... another good guess leaves her with three dollars in her hand.

Winifred can miss the last digit by as many as two high or low and still win the car. She guesses 8... and it is 8! After paying the required one dollar, she's picked up a $3,768 Chevy Nova with two dollars to spare!


Winifred's Winnings: $4,150


IUFB #2: Dishwasher (Speed Queen), with a supply of Finish detergent to the winner

Bidding this time begins at position 2.

Margaret: $350
Doreen: $320
Adrienne: $359
Winnie: $329 (what's with the nines all of a sudden?)

BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ! All have overbid and must go lower than $320.

Margaret: $300
Doreen: $301
Adrienne: $289 (here we go with more underbidding)
Winnie: $279

ARP: $310

Doreen is up and out of Contestant's Row, and she'll be playing Hi Lo for a sand buggy (Fritz Kroyer's Race Prep Hi Jumper) valued at $2,900!

TODAY'S GROCERY ITEMS: Pam cooking spray (small can), Superelasticbubbleplastic (a Wham-O product), Stewart frozen torpedo sandwiches (box of 2), Lady Borden ice cream (quart container), Wella Balsam conditioning shampoo, and Reed's candies (appears to be nine rolls)

Doreen must pick the three highest-priced grocery items in order to win the sand buggy.

Her first selection is the Pam cooking spray, which is priced at $1.09. Up to the Hi row it goes.

Second, she chooses the Wella Balsam shampoo, which is $2.25 and looks like a very good pick.

Finally, she wants the Lady Borden ice cream... and it's only 85 cents, drawing groans from the audience.

The lowest price on the Hi row is the 85 cents from the ice cream, so we compare that price to the remaining grocery items.

Bob goes first to the Superelasticebubbleplastic... and it's 99 cents! The game is over already.

The sandwiches were $1.24 and the candies were $1.19, so Doreen only had one of the correct items on the Hi row, the shampoo.


Doreen's Winnings: $310


IUFB #3: Barbecue Grill (Falcon gas grill)

For the last round of bidding, we begin from Position 3.

Renette: $145
Adrienne: $129 (and she's undercut someone for the third time)
Winnie: $179
Margaret: $180 (sorry, Winnie)

ARP: $306

Despite making her bids very meekly and quietly, Margaret is charging up on stage with great energy, and she goes right on over to the Range Game, where she could win a Sohmer piano!

TODAY'S SCALE: $1,700-$2,300

Margaret stops the $150 rangefinder with it approximately covering $1,866-$2,016.



Margaret's Winnings: $2,311



We've had two winners today, Winifred and Margaret, so they will be the pair at the podiums. By virtue of winning the car, Winifred has the option of taking the first showcase or passing it to Margaret, the runner-up.

Headache Medicine (Bromo-Seltzer)
Calculator (Sharp multipurpose model, includes square root, percentage, and memory functions)
$500 Cash (self-explanatory)
Trip to Europe (two people fly economy, a week each in London, Paris, and Rome, all at Hilton hotels)

Winifred chooses to pass this showcase to Margaret, who bids $4,000 on it.

BIKES (two Ross bicycles, 10-speed for him and 3-speed for her)
SAILBOAT (Silverline's Dolphin Senior 15)
TUB (Kohler's Birthday Bath, with polished gold fixtures)
AUTO (Chevorlet Vega hatchback coupe, with wheel covers, whitewall tires, deluxe bumpers and guards)

Winifred also makes a bid of $4,000 for her showcase.

Winifred (SC2 - CAR): Bid of $4,000 - ARP is $6,176 - Difference of $2,176
Margaret (SC1 - TRIP): Bid of $4,000 - ARP is $3,827 - OVER by $173

Winifred, despite "never winning anything," has won two cars and a total of $10,326 in prizes in under half an hour!





BIGGEST WINNER: Winifred ($10,326)

"Stay tuned for Match Game 75 next, over most of these CBS stations!"