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#0015D - September 5, 1972 (Boo-Boo's Big Day)
« on: March 09, 2015, 03:33:47 PM »
Price is Right #0015D - Airdate September 5, 1972 (originally scheduled for September 8th)

"A fortune in fabulous prizes may go to these people today, if they know when... The Price Is Right!"


IUFB #1: Sofette (from La-Z-Boy, two individually-reclining seats)

Unlike what we have come to expect today, all rounds of bidding on the first week of The New Price Is Right proceeded from left to right, regardless of who was most recently called on down.

Boo-Boo: $399
Jeannie: $185 (that might be a little low there)
Lynne: $369
Libby: $300

ARP: $420

Boo-Boo is the first winner of the day, coming up onto the turntable to play the second taped playing (but the first to air, due to rescheduling) of the Grocery Game for a refrigerator (Whirlpool Connoisseur Twin, 19 cubic foot capacity with ice maker) and a color television (from the Spiegel catalog, no other specifics given) with a total value of $1,060!

TODAY'S GROCERY ITEMS: Creamettes macaroni (two-pound box), Kikkoman soy sauce (24-ounce bottle), Rice-a-Roni (one box), Nescafe coffee (jar appears to be 12 ounces), and King Oscar sardines (one tin)

Boo-Boo will need to buy between $6.75 and $7 of these groceries in some combination in order to win the refrigerator and color TV. In addition to those prizes, she will also receive $100 cash as long as she does not go over the $7 mark (the only other playing of Grocery Game that awards this is 0012K, taped before this show, but aired on 9/6). Moreover, win or lose, Boo-Boo will receive supplies of the five grocery items in use, totaling at least $100 (this policy lasted four playings, extending to 0022D which aired on 9/12).

Boo-Boo first decides to buy eight boxes of the Creamettes pasta. Each is 47 cents, for a total of $3.76 to start off.

Next, she takes six boxes of Rice-a-Roni. At 39 cents each, they add $2.34 to her tab, bringing it up to $6.10.

After a lot of waffling, Boo-Boo picks one jar of Nescafe, which is 57 cents, and puts her up to $6.67 on the register.

Then she decides on one tin of the King Oscar sardines, which is 41 cents (Bob first misreads this as 47), taking her up to $7.08 which is too much.


Boo-Boo's Winnings: $420 (plus the grocery supplies)


IUFB #2: Microwave Oven (from General Electric, no other specifics given)

Again, bidding begins from Position 1, newly occupied by Shirley.

Shirley: $395
Jeannie: $400
Lynne: $405
Libby: $410 (look at all these five-ups)

ARP: $400

Not till Season 5 do we see a bonus added for perfect bids, but by making one, Jeannie has won her way out of Contestant's Row. She gets to play the second taped playing (again, the first to air, due to rescheduling) of Bullseye '72 for a Chevrolet Camaro Sport Coupe (turbo hydromatic transmission, power steering, power disc brakes, tinted glass, AM radio, and wide oval tires)!

Jeannie has seven chances to give the exact retail price of the car. Said price is revealed to the audience and the folks at home - she's looking for $3,621 in order to win.

BID #1: $3,000 - HIGHER
BID #2: $3,500 - HIGHER
BID #3: $4,000 - LOWER
BID #4: $3,750 - LOWER
BID #5: $3,645 - LOWER
BID #6: $3,585 - HIGHER
BID #7: $3,620 - HIGHER

Jeannie gave a valiant effort, especially given no information to work with, but she ends up one dollar away and therefore does not win the car.


Jeannie's Winnings: $400


IUFB #3: Cookware (Le Creuset cast-iron pots and pans)

I have a couple of things to mention here before we proceed. First, Chris is a woman (I just wanted to note that, since that name could be used by either gender). Second is another procedure that was abolished after the initial week of taping - contestants were not locked to their positions in Contestant's Row at the time they were called down. This was not immediately obvious last time around, because Boo-Boo had left Position 1 after the first round of bidding, and that's where Shirley went when she came on down. However, this time, Shirley has slid over to Position 2 and Lynne and Libby switched places in Positions 3 and 4, leaving Chris with Position 1 and the first bid.

Chris: $110
Shirley: $95
Libby: $190
Lynne: $191 (the first aired instance of a one-up bid, possibly not the first taped one)

ARP: $311

Lynne, by virtue of her one-up bid, will come on stage to the Giant Price Tag. It will be lifted out of the way to reveal her game, Double Prices, in which she can win a movie camera and projector (Argus Cosina 735 Super 8 camera and Argus Dualmaster 89 projector)!

That movie camera and projector could be either $410 or $350 in price. Lynne decides that the single correct price for the prize is $410.



Lynne's Winnings: $721


All contestants who have not participated onstage (Chris, Shirley, and Libby) will receive an American Tourister tote bag.



By virtue of being our only winner today, Lynne is the top winner with the choice of showcases. Boo-Boo, with the more expensive IUFB, takes the runner-up spot over Jeannie.

Assorted Clocks (from Westclox, six different models for the kitchen, dining room, study, bedroom, guest room, and living room)
Trip to London (Beltz Travel, 15-day European holiday for two in London, Paris, and Rome)

Lynne passes this showcase to Boo-Boo, who, after much deliberation, bids $1,200 on it.

Ski Outfits (His/Hers outfits from Aspen Skiwear)
Ski Equipment (His/Hers gear from Garcia, including skis, boots, poles, and bindings)
1972 Chevrolet Vega Sedan (Powerglide transmission, AM radio, white-striped tires)
Oil Treatment (a case of ChemGuard)

Lynne bids $2,800 on this showcase.

Lynne (SC2 - CAR): Bid of $2,800 - ARP is $3,054 - Difference of $254
Boo-Boo (SC1 - TRIP): Bid of $1,200 - ARP is $1,420 - Difference of $220

Despite her issues with the Grocery Game, Boo-Boo is the big winner today with a total of $1,840 in prizes!

(Since $1,840 is the total of Boo-Boo's IUFB and Showcase, it appears the supplies of groceries are not counted as winnings, similarly to when they were awarded alongside IUFBs on future shows.)





BIGGEST WINNER: Boo-Boo ($1,840)

"This program was recorded."

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Re: #0015D - September 5, 1972 (Boo-Boo's Big Day)
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Thank you, Boo Boo, for a wonderful performance.
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