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#0012D - September 6, 1972 (Missing the Bullseye)
« on: March 15, 2015, 11:08:33 PM »
Price is Right #0012D - Airdate September 6, 1972 (originally scheduled for September 5th)

"A fortune in fabulous prizes may go to these people today, if they know when... The Price Is Right!"


IUFB #1: Barbecue (Arkla Deluxe Flavor Kitchen gas grill)

Unlike what we have come to expect today, all rounds of bidding on the first week of The New Price Is Right proceeded from left to right, regardless of who was most recently called on down.

Lily: $39 (okay, I don't think is that cheap)
Doreen: $28 (really, it's got to be more than this)
Pauline: $80 (well, that's somewhat better, but...)
Dotty: $85 (this is pretty much a win by default)

ARP: $437

Dotty comes right up on stage and gets to take part in the first taped (but second aired, due to rescheduling) playing of the Grocery Game, where she'll have a chance to win a freezer (Gibson 15 cubic foot capacity model) and a color television (from the Spiegel catalog, no other specifics given) with a total value of $878!

TODAY'S GROCERY ITEMS: Rath hickory-smoked bacon (one box), Lipton chicken stroganoff (one box), Nestle Toll House cookie mix (one box), Kal Kan liver chunks pet food (one can), and Campbell's Chunky vegetable soup (one can)

Dotty will need to buy between $6.75 and $7 of these groceries in some combination in order to win the freezer and color TV. In addition to those prizes, she will also receive $100 cash as long as she does not go over the $7 mark (the only other playing of Grocery Game that awards this is 0015K, which taped later, but aired earlier on 9/5). Moreover, win or lose, Dotty will receive supplies of the five grocery items in use, totaling at least $100 (this policy lasted four playings, extending to 0022D which aired on 9/12).

Dotty first goes for three packages of the Rath bacon. It's 99 cents for one, so three puts $2.97 on the register.

Next, she tries three of the Chunky soup. Each is 39 cents, for another $1.17 and a total so far of $4.14 displayed.

Then Dotty wants three of the Lipton chicken stroganoff. Those go for 79 cents apiece, making $2.37 for three and putting her all the way up to $6.51 for her total.

With a window of $0.24-$0.49 to work with, Dotty takes one can of Kal Kan pet food. It's 33 cents, and the register shows $6.84! She's done it!


Dotty's Winnings: $1,415 (the grocery supplies are not counted as winnings, as noted on the #0015D recap)


IUFB #2: Sewing Machine (White Consolidated Industries console zigzag model)

As noted above, bidding once again starts from Position 1.

Lily: $89 (well, that's better than $39, I guess?)
Doreen: $142
Pauline: $250
Dooy: $255 (and the traditional upping bid from the fourth spot)

ARP: $429

Dooy has a doozy of a name, and she's going to play a doozy of a game - it's the first taped (but second aired, due to rescheduling) playing of Bullseye '72 for a Chevrolet Nova (Powerglide transmission, exterior decor, white-striped tires, and deluxe wheel covers)!

Dooy has seven chances to give the exact retail price of the car. Said price is revealed to the audience and the folks at home - she's looking for $2,647 in order to win.

BID #1: $2,600 - HIGHER
BID #2: $3,000 - LOWER
BID #3: $2,800 - LOWER
BID #4: $2,700 - LOWER
BID #5: $2,650 - LOWER
BID #6: $2,635 - HIGHER
BID #7: $2,650 - LOWER (still)

While Dooy exhibited a solid command of the skill needed to play the game (well, except for that last bid), she ends up three dollars away and does not win the car.


Dooy's Winnings: $429


IUFB #3: Stereo (Guild Grafonola all-transistor phonograph)

Due to this being the first week of the new show, some procedures were not established as yet. This means that for this week, contestants were not locked to their positions in Contestant's Row at the time they were called down. As such, Lily, Doreen, and Pauline have each moved down one spot, leaving newcomer Carol with Position 1 and the first bid.

Carol: $200
Lily: $400 (she's discovered three-digit bids!)
Doreen: $325
Pauline: $405 (and there goes the upping bid, as usual)

ARP: $277

Carol had just one chance to bid, but she makes it up on stage to the Giant Price Tag. It will be lifted out of the way to reveal her game, Double Prices, where she can win a range (Caloric self-cleaning gas model)!

That range could be either $576 or $640 in price. Carol decides that the single correct price for the prize is $640.



Carol's Winnings: $917



We've had two winners today, Dotty and Carol. Dotty won more in the Grocery Game than Carol did in Double Prices, so she will be the top winner with the choice of showcases.

Living Room Furniture (Levitz - sofa, love seat, cocktail table, two end tables)
Carpeting (Downs Quality Carpets - 27 square yards)
Piano (Kimball spinet piano)
Pair of Recliners (two La-Z-Boy loungers)

Dotty passes this showcase to Carol, who bids $2,395 on it.

1972 Chevrolet Vega Sedan (Powerglide transmission, power steering, tinted glass, AM radio, white-striped tires)
Assortment of Turtle Wax Products
Luggage (American Tourister five-piece set)

Dotty bids $2,500 on this showcase.

Dotty (SC2 - CAR): Bid of $2,500 - ARP is $2,821 - Difference of $321
Carol (SC1 - LIVING RM.): Bid of $2,395 - ARP is $2,561 - Difference of $166

Both ladies made great bids, but Carol is the big winner with a total of $3,478 in prizes!