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#0014D - September 7, 1972 (Double Prices, Half Value)
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Price is Right #0014D - Airdate September 7, 1972

"A fortune in fabulous prizes may go to these people today, if they know when... The Price Is Right!"


IUFB #1: Compactor (General Electric, no other specifics given)

Unlike what we have come to expect today, all rounds of bidding on the first week of The New Price Is Right proceeded from left to right, regardless of who was most recently called on down.

Jenny: $200
Sue: $145
Pearline: $99 (that might be a bit low)
Lillian: $210 (here we go with the upping bids already)

ARP: $230

Lillian is our first stage player of the day, and she draws the big game of the day - it's the third taped (but second aired, due to the scrapping of #0013D) playing of Any Number for either the random cash in the piggy bank, a range (Tappan electric model, with double ovens), or a Mazda coupe (front and rear suspension, front disc brakes, rear window defroster, four-speed sycromesh transmission, and radio)!

Each number, zero through nine, appears once on the board. There are four numbers in the price of the car, three numbers in the price of the range, and the remaining three make up the piggy bank in dollars and cents.

PICK #1: 2 - CAR - $2,XXX
PICK #2: 9 - PIGGY BANK - $X.9X
PICK #3: 5 - RANGE - $X5X
PICK #4: 7 - PIGGY BANK - $7.9X
PICK #5: 4 - CAR - $2,4XX
PICK #6: 0 - RANGE - $X50
PICK #7: 6 - CAR - $2,46X (down to the wire, the game ends here no matter what)
PICK #8: 3 - RANGE - $350

Lillian had a chance to win any of the three prizes with her final pick, but it's the range she completes, so that's what she'll be taking home.



Lillian's Winnings: $580


IUFB #2: Riding Lawn Mower (Davis Commando, 32-inch cutting deck)

Due to this being the first week of the new show, some procedures were not established as yet. This means that for this week, contestants were not locked to their positions in Contestant's Row at the time they were called down. During the commercial, Jenny, Sue, and Pearline have all slid one spot down the row, leaving newcomer Jackie with Position 1 and the first bid.

Jackie: $160 (that's a little cheap for a riding mower, don't you think?)
Jenny: $300
Sue: $250
Pearline: $325

ARP: $516

Pearline makes good use of the last bid and comes up on stage to play the third taped (but second aired, due to the scrapping of #0013D) playing of the Bonus Game for a color television (from the Spiegel catalog) and a Kroehler sofa with a total value of $800!

One of the four windows on the board conceals the bonus. Pearline will need to gain control of as many windows as she can by winning the small prizes.

SMALL PRIZE #1: Schick 400 Flexomatic electric shaver

The wrong price is $26. Pearline thinks the right price is higher. The correct price is $35, so she's right and takes the first window!

SMALL PRIZE #2: Fifteen St. Mary's thermal blankets

Here, the wrong price is $122. Pearline says the correct price is lower, and when Bob turns over the $100 price tag, she's taken the second window!

SMALL PRIZE #3: Ross Eurosport 10-speed racing bicycle

This time, the wrong price is shown to be $95. Pearline wants it to be higher, and it is, at a cost of $100! She now has the first three windows and a chance for a perfect playing.

SMALL PRIZE #4: Sears rotisserie oven/broiler

The final wrong price is $82. For the win, Pearline says it is higher... but it's only $70. That's wrong, so she does not have the fourth window. The odds are still in her favor, but the win is not automatic.

LOCATION OF THE BONUS: Window #2 (with the blankets)


Pearline's Winnings: $1,551


IUFB #3: Barbecue Grill (Charmglow gas grill)

As was the case in the previous act, the three players waiting in Contestants' Row (Jackie, Jenny, and Sue) all slide down one spot, leaving Position 1 and the first bid for newcomer Diane.

Diane: $100
Jackie: $85
Jenny: $149
Sue: $150 (the first taped, but second aired, instance of a one-up bid)

ARP: $312

Sue makes it three memebers of the First Four to come up on stage, and she's meeting Bob over at the Giant Price Tag. It will be lifted out of the way to reveal her game, Double Prices (again, the third taped but second aired playing, due to the scrapping of #0013D), where she can win a stereo (from Capehart, with AM/FM radio, record changer, and eight speakers)!

That stereo could be either $280 or $177 in price. Sue decides that the single correct price for the prize is $280.


(Wow, cheap much? The total of the four small prizes in Bonus Game was higher than this. So was the range in Any Number. Yet this stereo is the "big" prize here!)


Sue's Winnings: $592



While Lillian managed a partial win on Any Number that was worth more than the stereo in Double Prices, Sue manages to edge her out for the Showcase spot by just $12! Meanwhile, Pearline is the top winner, who will have the option of bidding on the first showcase or passing to Sue.

Swimsuits (four ladies' suits from Accentuelte, four men's trunks from Laguna)
Wine (one case of Mogen David wine)
Boat (Glastron 148, with Johnson Seahorse 50 motor and a Shoreline trailer)

Pearline passes this showcase to Sue, who bids $2,800 on it.

Kitchen Cabinet (Scheirich oak cabinet, with stainless-steel sink)
Cocktail Mix (one case of Party Tyme)
Dinette Set (Virtue of California octagonal table and four chairs)
Fur Coat (shadow mink coat, from Harry Brown Furs)

Pearline thinks it's possible that Sue has overbid, so she bids just $500 on this showcase.

Sue (SC1 - BOAT): Bid of $2,800 - ARP is $2,554 - OVER by $246
Pearline (SC2 - FUR): Bid of $500 - ARP is $2,364 - Difference of $1,864

(The price of Pearline's showcase is never explicitly revealed by Bob, but we can determine its value by subtracting her earlier winnings of $1,551 from the podium total of $3,915)

Pearline's gambit paid off, and she is the day's big winner with a total of $3,915 in prizes, including that luxurious fur coat!



RECORD: 2/3 (partial win on Any Number)


BIGGEST WINNER OF THE DAY: Pearline ($3,915)

"This program was recorded."