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#0013D(R) - September 8, 1972 (Groceries for Gerri)
« on: March 25, 2015, 03:54:05 PM »
Price is Right #0013D(R) - Airdate September 8, 1972 (replacement for #0013D, which was originally scheduled for September 6th)

"A fortune in fabulous prizes may go to these people today, if they know when... The Price Is Right!"


IUFB #1: Range (General Electric 30-inch model, with self-cleaning oven)

Unlike what we have come to expect today, all rounds of bidding on the first week of The New Price Is Right proceeded from left to right, regardless of who was most recently called on down.

Connie: $199
Fanny: $200 (a one-up from second position, that's unusual)
Irene: $325
Gerri: $326 (from fourth position, not so much)

ARP: $380

When you win a range, the next thing you need are some things to cook on it, which means Gerri will be playing the Grocery Game for a chance to win a color television (from the Spiegel catalog, no other specifics given) and a pair of Stratolounger recliners with a total value of $894!

TODAY'S GROCERY ITEMS: Jolly Time popcorn (20-ounce Economy Size can), Kikkoman Hawaiian teriyaki sauce (appears to be a 10-ounce bottle), Steero Bloody Mary cocktail mix (appears to be an 8-ounce can), Kava instant coffee (small jar), and Kal Kan Kitty Stew (small can)

Gerri will need to buy between $6.75 and $7 of these groceries in some combination in order to win the color TV and recliners. Moreover, win or lose, Gerri will receive supplies of the five grocery items in use, totaling at least $100 (this policy lasted four playings, extending to 0022D which aired on 9/12).

Gerri starts off with three jars of the Kava instant coffee. Each one is $1.05, for a $3.15 start.

Next up is three bottles of Kikkoman teriyaki sauce. Those retail for 59 cents, so three cost $1.77 and the new total on the register is $4.92.

Then Gerri wants four cans of Jolly Time popcorn. One can costs 43 cents, which makes four $1.72 and puts the subtotal now at $6.64.

Gerri thinks she can get in the winning range with just one can of the Kitty Stew. It's 19 cents, making the total bill $6.83 - she's done it!


Gerri's Winnings: $1,274 (plus the grocery supplies? See below for a note about this.)


IUFB #2: Cookware (Revere Ware copper and stainless steel limited-edition collection)

As previously mentioned, all bidding rounds start from Position 1 on this week of shows. Therefore, newly-called Elly goes to Position 4 and has the good fortune to be bidding last.

Connie: $29 (um, what? Even in the 1970s, cookware's not THAT cheap...)
Fanny: $50 (that's... better... maybe?)
Irene: $125 (this seems a bit closer than the rest...)
Elly: $35 (and the last bid goes mostly to waste)

ARP: $200

Irene is the one coming up onto the turntable, and it's time for the big game of the day. She'll be playing Bullseye '72 for a Glastron V156 Sportster boat (with Johnson Seahorse 50 motor and a Shoreline trailer)!

Irene has seven chances to give the exact retail price of the boat, and is told before her first bid that it costs between $3,000 and $3,500. The price is revealed to the audience and the folks at home - she's looking for $3,063 in order to win.

BID #1: $3,020 - HIGHER
BID #2: $3,030 - HIGHER
BID #3: $3,400 - LOWER
BID #4: $3,350 - LOWER
BID #5: $3,250 - LOWER
BID #6: $3,175 - LOWER
BID #7: $3,145 - LOWER

Irene gave it a good try, but those first few bids sent her a ways off the track and she never truly got back in the neighborhood of the correct price.


Irene's Winnings: $200


IUFB #3: Compactor (whirlpool Trashmaster model)

Again, all bidding starts from the first position, so newcomer Cloretha has a good chance to win with the third bid.

Connie: $250
Fanny: $235
Cloretha: $95 (cheaper than the cookware? I doubt it...)
Elly: $150

ARP: $240

Fanny makes it out of Contestants' Row and charges right over to the Giant Price Tag. It will be lifted out of the way to reveal her game, Double Prices, in which she can win a Genreal Electric microwave oven!

That microwave could be either $389 or $400 in price. Fanny decides that the single correct price for the prize is $389.



Fanny's Winnings: $240


All contestants who have not participated onstage (Connie, Cloretha, and Elly) will receive an assortment of Thomaston Mills sheets and bedspreads.



Gerri is the day's only winner, so she has the choice of showcases here. By virtue of the compactor costing more than the cookware, Fanny stands in as the runner-up.

Watches (His and Hers watches from Lucien Piccard)
1972 Chevorlet Vega Sedan (power steering, tinted glass, white-striped tires)
Oil Treatment (a case of ChemGuard)
Minibike (Honda QA50 two-speed off-road model)

Gerri decides to keep this showcase and bids $2,750 on it.

Burner Base (a set of oak cabinets from Scheirich)
AM/FM Radio (Guild's Hurdy Gurdy model)
Organ (from Kimball)
Color TV (Admiral Brasilia, 25-inch screen)

Fanny must bid on this showcase, and her bid is $1,200.

Fanny (SC2 - ENTERTAINMENT): Bid of $1,200 - ARP is $2,265 - Difference of $1,065
Gerri (SC1 - CAR): Bid of $2,750 - ARP is $2,775 - Difference of $25

While there will be no Double Showcase rule until the end of the second season, Gerri still wins her own showcase, making a total of $4,213 in prizes for her!

(Note: Adding Gerri's IUFB, the prizes from Grocery Game, and the Showcase only totals to $4,049. The only other thing I can think of that could possibly be counted would be the Grocery Game grocery supplies, and if this is indeed the case, this makes them worth $164.)





BIGGEST WINNER: Gerri ($4,213)

"This program was recorded."

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Re: #0013D(R) - September 8, 1972 (Groceries for Gerri)
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2015, 06:51:18 PM »
Good recap. Oh, and about the Kikkoman capacity: It was 10 fl oz, upon checking further. :)

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Re: #0013D(R) - September 8, 1972 (Groceries for Gerri)
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2015, 01:24:28 PM »
Thanks. Sometimes it's hard to see the amounts, so that's why I didn't want to say it definitively was that much.

As for the $164 discrepancy, I have found another possible cause for the difference in winnings amounts. A recap of this same episode over on Qwizx lists the amount of the Grocery Game prize package as $1,058 instead of the $894 that was announced by Johnny on the episode itself. I don't know where they got this information from, but the difference between those two amounts would indeed be $164 and explain the divergence in amounts.