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Iva Zanicchi references OK on infomercial


on this recent infomercial, Iva Zanicchi advertises a shower cubicle with a mention to the show she hosted for 13 years.
the background music is the Showcase Showdown theme and a "big wheel" spins to reveal the price.

a line in her speech is "...and the price is the right one. dear friends, if it's me telling you, it has to be the truth"

Uh...with all due respect, that's a horrendous picture.  The light is glaring off of it so badly that you can't even tell what it's a picture of.

 :D trust me, you DON'T want to see a clear picture of Iva Zanicchi these days :-o

I wonder if the audience in said infomercial was chanting "CIENTO! CIENTO! CIENTO!" when the wheel spun?  ;-)


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