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Questions about Atinale al Precio (1997-2000 run)
« on: November 20, 2015, 05:44:29 PM »
I got to thinking about the initial run of Atinale and I remembered a list of questions I made about it after seeing some of the clips on YouTube and and pics on Marco Antonio Regil's website (which, sadly, are no longer there). It's also based on some of the scarce info I found online about the 1997-00 run. Perhaps some members here could help.

* On a few of the clips that Marco Antonio had on YouTube a few years ago, a few of the showcase podium placards read "MUNDIAL", which basically means "around the world". Given the show's small budget, it seems unlikely that they offered actual trips to different countries around the world. In fact, if you watch even the 2010 reboot, the trips offered on Atinale were generally within Mexico or Latin America or even to a place in the U.S. with a large Hispanic/Spanish-speaking population like Miami. So, what did these "mundial" showcases consist of if not international vacations?

* Although the pictures of One Away on Brad's page ("Uno Arriba o Uno Abajo") show it being played for a six-digit car (equal to roughly US$9000), was it ever played for five-digit cars, which seem to have been much more common on Atinale?

* Temptation ("Tentación") was played for six-digit cars. Was it played with five gifts with the first digit given free or use six gifts and make the contestant form the price of the car completely? Also, the price tags for the gifts (with four digits in the prices) had the first two digits in red and the last two in black. Presumably, the contestant could only choose from either the first two or last two digit in each price. But which?

* Did Poker Game ("Juego de Poker") use four-digit prizes?

* Dale al Centro ("Bullseye") used a target range of MX$12-$24 (about US$1-2), with 22-24 being the bullseye. This seems like it would be a very difficult game to win and could only use very cheap items. Did they eventually increase this range so they could use more expensive products?

* The pics on Marco's page show "Cero a la Derecha"/Grand Game being played for MX$30,000. However, that same photo shows the set decorated for the third anniversary of the show. My question is was the top prize always 30,000 or was it usually 10,000 and played that day for triple the amount to celebrate three years on the air (like the 7 $1,000 bills in Lucky Seven for our 7000th show)?

* Besides Give or Keep ("Toma o Deja") and Super Ball ("Tiros y el Pilon"), did Atinale use any other games from the U.S. version that were already retired?

* Did Range Game ("La Zona Ganadora") use a rangefinder of MX$150? If so, that would make it very difficult to win since that would only be about US$10 or less.

* What, if anything, did that weird looking bird graphic on the big doors symbolize?

* Atinale appeared to have done a fair few showcase skits. Did they ever have any recurring themes like ours did? There's one on YouTube showing the models in choir robes singing about a doll (model Peony dressed as a Raggedy Ann-type doll) leading into each prize. Another in the same compilation has a showcase apparently themed around Cynthia sleepwalking. With the atmosphere of the show, I could easily see the Atinale models doing showcases such as the mannequins in store windows and "Sudden Outbreaks of Big Hair" that were popular here in the 1990s.

* On some clips, there would be a big sign on the stationery wall of the turntable shaped like a can of La Lechera milk, presumably a sponsor. Why was this sign on some shows and not others?

* Finally, has anyone ever been able to figure out what that game was where Marco is seen with the dominoes? Was it an original game, or based on one of our but themed around dominoes for some reason?

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Re: Questions about Atinale al Precio (1997-2000 run)
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2015, 06:23:08 PM »
I have no way of knowing for sure, but based on the presence of Missing Numbers, an original game, in an episode that went up on YouTube a year or so back, I would guess that the thingy with the dominoes is an original game, too.
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Re: Questions about Atinale al Precio (1997-2000 run)
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2015, 01:15:11 PM »
A few more things I thought of:

* Did any of the car games ever alternate back and forth between using five-digit and six-digit cars?

* I know this is a long shot, but does anyone know which games debuted in which season of the 1997-00 run? Season one definitely at least had the following:

Clock Game
Any Number
3 Strikes
Easy as 1-2-3
Card Game
Hole in One
Shell Game
Double Prices
Ten Chances
Lucky Seven
Barker's Bargain Bar
Range Game
Freeze Frame
Poker Game
Secret X
Race Game
One Away
Side by Side