Author Topic: #5875D: Johnny Olson's Final Show/The Longest Lineup, Any Leads on this Mystery?  (Read 1628 times)

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So, Torgo, JJ, Tris, and myself were searching lineups, and found the longest one; supposedly 33(!) minutes long, #5875D, with the lineup as follows: Super Ball!!/Range Game/3 Strikes +/Bump/One Away/Grand Game.

The lineup is confirmed by a Golden Gallery photo:

Caption: It's a special day when you know what ALL the games are going to be before one is even played. The show, #5875D, will feature Super Ball, Range Game, 3 Strikes Plus, Bump, One Away and Grand Game.


From what I can tell, according to the calendar, this lineup aired 11/8/85 (taped 10/2/85, according to his obit in the LA Times), supposedly also Johnny Olson's last show. Yet when I check Qwizx, this lineup doesn't match up with that remotely; Jay lists it as Any/Poker/Plinko/Bump/One Away/Bullseye, despite the same codification on both pages, of #5875D.

What gives here? When did that #5875D lineup air, the one from that photo? Did it truly air 11/8/85, and if so, is it really Johnny Olson's final taping (not airing)? So many sources conflict here, from Jay, to the Golden Gallery, Scorpz, and potentially even the LA Times. What wound up being a fun little history to learn about became a point of misdirection, with no clear answers. Any help is appreciated, given the historical impact of the show, if not for the lineup, but for the show's original announcer.
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The lineup in question appears to be 5844D.  I have no idea why the recap on Jay's site lists it as 5875D.

Regardless, though, 5875D isn't Johnny's last show in any sense, although we thought it was for several years because week 588xD was announced by Gene Wood.  What we didn't realize back when we first got that information was that that was the Home Viewer Showcase week and thus was taped out of order.  Johnny "came back" after that for four more episodes; his last show was actually 5894D.
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