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Why? Because I'm tired as hell of this site. Catering to this crowd, while not tough, is ridiculous, especially when come a week this will be the only place on the site that doesn't have major issues. I've spent almost five years on this god-forsaken site, and five years is more than enough time.

Thankfully, there is a replacement for CSS. Wayoshi, who has create a program that essentially automates CSS, meaning even he doesn't even have to "host" it if he doesn't want to, will be taking over effective Monday. I wish him all the best.

As for me, I've had enough. Certain individual members have been great on this site to me, but as a whole...yeah. Goodbye.
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I have not played CSS all too often, but I appreciated what you brought to it nonetheless.

I noticed your avatar has changed to a silhouetted zombie with the caption referencing this site...and, to an extent, I cannot disagree.

Personally, I find it difficult to say goodbye, but this is what it is so... all I can do is wish you the best of luck in all future endeavors, and that I for one shall miss your presence around these parts.

(Edited several times as, this being what it is, I was trying to determine what to say and how to do so.)
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The above is my opinion and mine alone.

To answer your questions: yes, I am a guy and yes, I have a face. (I also have the occasional spurt of weirdness.)

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How professional.

Cya. In a few months, they always come back.
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While I can understand your sentiments Guint, I am disappointed at the way they were expressed. I've been here since the beginning and I've experienced the highs and lows of this site. While I have my own personal opinions about what has become of this site, I will never disrespect it because of all of the hard work of Marc, John, Steve G. , Chelsea and many others. It is always best to leave anywhere with an air of dignity, and not to show your rear on the way out.

While I don't post on this site as often as I used to because of "real life" and because pretty much all of my TPiR questions have been answered I still frequent the site daily and read all of the post. That, and an occasional pithy observation.

I've always considered you a great contributed here, Guint, and I wish you well.
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I admire your work here, but this wasn't the way to go out, man. I won't argue that running CSS is probably a daily hindrance, especially when you have a busy life outside of the forum, but such a harsh transition as this just seems entirely unnecessary. I wish you the best of luck, though. Like GWF, I, for one, will miss you around here, too.
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The recap area is undergoing changes as well, that's what he means.
S4x... the show's stabilized into something decent now, I guess...

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      As a long time member of this forum, I feel the same way as you right now.  The forum has not felt the same for so long.  I read a quote that member Prizes wrote saying it's the beginning of the end of this forum.  I kinda agree with her.  Maybe it's because I am getting older (I am 36 now with 2 young children).  I still Tivo and tape the show every day, but ever since Torgo kicked me out of chat for something so minor, maybe the priorities in my life have changed.  I revolved my life around the Price Is Right for so long (from 1999 until now), so I think I will probably have to step away for good.  Yeah, I still loving watching the Price Is Right and I still hope to go to the show and be a contestant, but I feel like unwelcome company anymore.

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I read a quote that member Prizes wrote saying it's the beginning of the end of this forum.  I kinda agree with her.

I don't and every time I see other users stamping it in their signature, I shake my head. This site went through the turmoil with Bob Barker getting replaced and Roger Dobkowitz getting canned but the pessimism being spread around here these days is very disheartening. Yesterday, nearly 40 people participated in CSS. That doesn't sound like "the end of the road" to me. While Torgo's life got in the way, Guint pulled a rage quit and it seemed like he was dissatisfied with everybody.
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      While it is true that things do change, I feel like something is completely off now.  Torgo should not bring his frustration to to the forum and take it out on members.  Guint, I have no clue what happened to him. 

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Torgo's departure wasn't due to anything questionable on his part. He had real life situations come up. It happens.