Author Topic: FULL RECAP - TPiR 05/31/2006  (Read 12940 times)

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 05/31/2006
« Reply #30 on: June 01, 2006, 05:57:04 AM »
Lucky $even: That was just wrong.

Race Game: Once I saw the $2394 and the dirt bike, I knew they matched. EZ from there.

Pl!nko!: I was actually suprised to see the cooker priced at $12. Not sure why, I just saw it the other day...maybe I'm getting early senility.

One Away: I thought they fixed the bottom half of the arrow? I swear I thought I saw it working correctly not long ago. Maybe it's that senility again. Anyway, I had no game Plan here, but in hindsight I would've changed either the 2nd or 3rd two, because having 3 of them just looked wrong.

Grocery Game: Nasty setup since I'm bad with $6-$9 stuff, but it was nice that Patsy still managed to box the Dob's ears with the 1-shot win.

Coming or Going: I knew Melissa ( :-D ) had to Come the moment I saw the game revealed with that "1" in the middle. She would've had to have the IQ of a rutabega to blow that. During the playing I had a moment of insanity. Since I feel that I've lived in Miami for too long (18 years), I actually thought "If I were in Melissa's shoes, and under that sideways cocked hat ( :-D that looked too cute on her!) ,I would've Gone just to air my opinion of this place." Thankfully sanity returned to me, and I figured that if the Dob hands you a gift, you don't bite his hand. And hey, it's a few nights to just hang out and chill. And of course I'd be roasted alive on this forum for being such a jerk.

If I'm ever on Ocean Drive again I'll look for the Park Central. I had a chance to walk most of it a month ago and didn't even think about it.

Showcases: That's nice to see both SC's giving out cars. I knew Patsy had gone over, I bid $18,000 on hers. For Janet's I bid $28,000.

EDIT: Whoops, my "shock" about the slow cooker being just $12 came during the Game$how Marathon playing of Pl!nko later that night. I saw that just before I sat down to type this, and I got the 2 playings transposed in my mind (my brain played "Flip-Flop"  :-D ) . So "the other day" really was "earlier today", although they have used the cooker recently anyway.