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#4951D - May 30, 1983
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Roger Dobkowitz's Seven Commandments of The Price Is Right:
1. Tape and edit the show as if it were live.
2. Never tell the contestant what to do.
3. Size matters. (The bigger the prize, the better the prize and the bigger the reaction.)
4. All prizes are good.
5. Never do anything on the show that would embarrass a parent with a kid watching.
6. Never put on a prize that would make the show look cheap.
7. Itís the game, stupid! (Itís about the game.)

- Roger Dobkowitz on Stu's Show September 23, 2009.

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Re: #4951D - May 30, 1983
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Much like the chyron experiment at the end of Season 16, the graphic showing the price of prizes for fee games is likely used for just this episode or just a few others.

Once again, the 40 cent spread of prices of the pairs in Pick-a-Pair shows how brutal some of the setups were early in its life.
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