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I'm hoping to start a similar thing to the The Amazing Race game, but instead the contestants will actually PLAY the games. I need 20 contestants for this to work. Post here if you want to play.

I... don't really know about this.  Could you please explain how you intend to run this?

I swear you've tried this idea before, because it sounds very familiar.  Um... who ever wins their games move on, and who ever loses gets eliminated?  

Something of that sort. :-P

Crimson Viper: Yeah, I have (late in 2004) but food poisoning got the better of me and I had to stop after two "shows".

Anyway, a more detailed version of the rules:

There will be 15 "shows", one a week. Each Monday (Aussie time, so Sunday over there) I will post a series of seven games and an IUFB. Each contestants plays all of them (to stop possible cheating, they will have to PM me their answers). At the end of each show, the lowest scorer (each $ worth of pries won counts as one point) will be eliminated. If there is a tie, I will use the IUFB to decide. The person who is farthest from the ARP (in this game, you can go over) will be eliminated. When there are five people left, the game will change - dramatically.

For those of you who are more mathematically-minded, you may realize that that means there will be 105 games. These will be 96 of the real games (sadly, due to the formats of the games, It's Optional, Clock Game, and the two-player version of the first Bullseye will not be played [/sarcasm]), my revamped edition of Professor Price, 5 of the 6 NPIR originals (hey, the game's over may as well get some more use out of them), two other ideas I've invented, and a game from the Cullen era.

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