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New Kennedy episode.
« on: April 16, 2017, 06:26:44 PM »
Remember that certain Kennedy episode that I said I was looking for in this post?,25518.msg438217.html#msg438217

Well, someone uploaded the full episode! And here we go!

(P.S. I said I was going to try a new recap style, but I was kinda short on time)

Cynthia, Jeffery, Lucy, and Connie come on down

IUFB #1: Dining group from Arnold's of San Diego

Connie: $950
Lucy: $1,200
Jeffery: $1,500
Cynthia: $850

ARP: $1,300

Lucy wins and will play Any Number for a telescope from Bushnell or a Renault Alliance

1st guess: 7, in car
2nd guess: 8, in car
3rd guess: 5, in telescope
4th guess: 2, in car
5th guess: 0, in piggy bank
6th guess: 3, in car WIN

Car is $8,237, telescope was $459, and piggy bank was $6.10

Doretha comes on down

IUFB #2: Pinball machine from Wico

Doretha: $1,000
Jeffery: $1,600
Cynthia: $1,200
Connie: $1

ARP: $1,795

Jeffery wins and will play Secret X for a sportboat from Vaporvette worth $5,562

Places free X in upper right square

1st prize: Waffle iron from Broil King (I think that was the name), $45 or $70? Chooses $45, right, places X in lower left square
2nd prize: Frypan from Sunbeam, $62 or $91? Chooses $62, right, places X in upper left square

Secret X is on top WIN

Cathy comes on down

IUFB #3: Electric guitar and amplifier from Bender, brought out by the TPIR train

Cathy: $1,350
Cynthia: $1,200
Connie: $600
Doretha: $1,400

ARP: $1,848

Doretha wins and will play One Right Price for a computer and software from Leading Edge with workstation from O'Sullivan, and a soda fountain from GA Systems

ORP is $4,275, chooses soda fountain WIN

Computer center is $2,444


Top winner: Lucy
Runner up: Doretha

Showcase #1:

TPIR crossword puzzle:
Grandfather clock from Hamilton Clock Company
Trip to Ireland
Trip to Venice
Trip to Norway

Lucy passes, Doretha bids $16,500

Showcase #2:

Bar set
Living room furniture from Benchcraft
Chrysler LeBaron convertible

Lucy bids $14,000

Lucy bid $14,000, ARP is $24,747, difference is $10,747
Doretha bid $16,500, ARP is $12,994 OVER

Lucy wins a total of $34,284

I find it very interesting that One Right Price offered more than Secret X. The total sum of the prizes in Secret X were $5,669 and the total sum of the prizes in One Right Price were $6,719.
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