Author Topic: Challenge TV have missed the boat once again!!!  (Read 5282 times)

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Challenge TV have missed the boat once again!!!
« on: August 15, 2016, 10:05:26 AM »
I see Challenge TV have gone for Joe Pasquale's Price is Right again for their Saturday schedule...!

Shame on them for not even trying to get hold of the Leslie Crowther episodes...!

Here's my view on all the hosts of the UK Price is Right.

Bob Warman (1989), a good newsreader and journalist, but lacked the personality for a gameshow host.

Bruce Forsyth (1995-2001), a great host, but there were times when the show felt more like a catwalk for the models.

Joe Pasquale (2006), a great family-friendly entertainer, but his attempt at The Price is Right looked like a glorified pantomime.

Leslie Crowther was the ultimate Price is Right host in the UK, and will never be bettered in any way...!