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FPG 12/16/16 - The $358K Best is Yet to Come Edition
« on: December 14, 2016, 09:52:03 PM »
Next week is the Kids' Special on Friday, so this is our last regular FPG of 2016. Technically, the Best of 2016 show on December 30 is new and airing on a Friday, but due to schedule shuffles we won't play its game till February. So... enjoy the Best of 2016, FPG style, I guess?  :P


SPOILERS: Haven't heard of any, at least not for this week. Next week may be another story.

THIS WEEK'S LINEUPS (highlight to view):
#7721K (Monday): Roll/Side/Swap/Bonkers/Path/Math
#7722K (Tuesday): Plinko/Squeeze/MoL/Check/Bargain/Buck
#7723K (Wednesday): Flip/Tempt/Pair/ME/Money/Half
#7724K (Thursday): Cliff/241/Gas/CoG/Hole/1WP
#7725K (Friday): YOU ARE HERE
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