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FPG 12/16/16 - RESULTS
« on: December 16, 2016, 10:52:11 PM »
Let's open with the FPG Quote of the Week:

Maybe I can't exacta this lineup, but I'd like to think that I can

Well, nobody exacta'd this lineup, but a lot of people did pretty darn well. The rundown...

That's Too Much!: 21 picks, 11 for 4 MP, 8 max picks
1 Right Price: 21 picks, 14 for 4 MP, three max picks
Hot Seat: nine picks, five for 4 MP, two max picks
Now... or Then: Tanzerey solos it for 2/4 and $50,000
Freeze Frame: key game, Schfifty/Pikachu/123^3 each bag $15,000
Any Number: eight picks, none for 4 MP

Every game was picked, and everybody picked a game. But who picked the most and best? Our highlight players are...

3. Cephas - 12/56 on three games - one ranking swap away from a max first half
2. Punchboard91 - 13/63 on four games - does get the max first half plus a little extra for Any Number
1. Wayoshi - 14/62 on four games - max first half plus correctly slotted Any Number

This was a big bonanza (not banana, silly brain... now I'm craving fruit  :P) for everyone. Most weeks, 8 MP is good enough to win, or at least medal; this week, it doesn't even earn a Top 10:

Anyway, before I sign off, an announcement. As we all know or can easily find out with a trip to the spoilers thread, next Friday's show has been very much spoiled out (FIVE games revealed!). Thursday is likewise out, with at least three games spoiled and maybe a fourth. Since we can use those spoilers to eliminate a good number of games for Wednesday's show, we will play a WPG on December 21. Since it's Christmas Week, there may be some goodies thrown in to compensate for it being technically a three-show game and pot... stay tuned for the announcement thread on Monday night.