Author Topic: WPG 12/21/16 - The $585K Spoiler in a Pear Tree Edition (SLEEPER SIX)  (Read 397 times)

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This is going to be a bit of an odd game. We're playing it on Wednesday, technically the third airing show of the week, but the two shows airing after Wednesday have five spoiled games each.

I promised Christmas gifts for our last FPG game of 2016, and here's the first - this will be a Sleeper Six game! Hopefully that should help to level the playing field a bit between those to check spoilers and those who don't. For those playing Sleeper Six for the first time, let me run down the rules:

> You may submit two complete lineups to me for this game, either together (preferred) or in separate PMs.
> These lineups must not share any games at all - two lineups means twelve separate games.
> The better of your two lineups will be the one which counts on the final results for the week.

Your other Christmas present has to do with cash. Obviously, to keep results going up in a timely fashion, we don't want to wait for Thursday and Friday to air. Therefore, this game's pot will consist solely of Monday through Wednesday, with Monday doubling in value as the highest production number. But also this: all three shows' cash will be doubled! That's in addition to any other applicable doubling, so Monday's 102K and change is quadrupled into 409K.

The old PM box is open, so get those lineups in. We'll find out Wednesday who gets the biggest present and who leaves with the old lump of coal.


SPOILERS: One game is a probable spoiler. was played Tuesday.

THIS WEEK'S LINEUPS (highlight to view):
#7731K (Thursday): SPOILED OUT (check spoilers thread to see 5 spoiled games)
#7732K (Tuesday): Range/Road/Cross/Squeeze/Move/Hi-Lo (NCFC)
#7733K (Wednesday): YOU ARE HERE
#7734K (Monday): Rent/PaN (NCFC)/Cliff/Money/Math/Bonkers
#7735K (Friday): SPOILED OUT (check spoilers thread to see 5 spoiled games)
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