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WPG 12/21/16 - RESULTS
« on: December 21, 2016, 09:39:25 PM »
Well, the Sleeper Six... was kind of there? Only six players got extra help off of it, and not much at that. All it really did was help players hedge, as nobody had more than three games on their scoring lineup. Anyway, the rundown...

Most Expen$ive: six picks, none for 4 MP
Secret "X": key game, $15,000 each to SuperSweeper/Hag/123123123, Sweeper gets 4 MP
Dice Game: five picks, none for 4 MP
Double Prices: 19 picks, six for 4 MP, JustBecause and Kev max it out
3 Strikes: 17 picks, five for 4 MP, four max picks (and Kev, who already used his 6)
Check-Out: key game, $25,000 each to dprice and Adam

So after throwing 46 lineups at the Barker Wall, what stuck the most? Let's see...

3. JustBecause (A) - 8/42 on three games - ME/DP/3X all slotted correctly
2. Punchboard91 (A) - 9/46 on three games - nailed DP/3X and had ME in correct half
1. Kev347 (A) - 9/47 on three games - was one point more confident in Dice than Punchy was in ME

They don't get much closer than that, folks. Kev is your first player to win two games this season, taking two of three in the month of December. First, the normal results table, with the best lineups kept:

And then for full disclosure, the scores of all lineups, featuring a lot of low-scoring B cards:

Leaderboard update coming shortly. Our next game... not coming as quickly - it's clear into 2017, on January 6 during PCH Week. Have a very Merry Christmas (and a safe one if you travel) and a Happy New Year till next we meet.