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FPG 1/6/17 - RESULTS
« on: January 06, 2017, 11:54:56 PM »
First up, the FPG Quote of the Week:

After doing every bit of statistical analysis I could think of...

You should all know by now that FPG is a fickle game that defies all known mathematical principles.  :P

Anyway, the scores for today aren't a big shootout, but neither are they a trash pile either. The rundown...

Cover Up: 12 picks, six for 4 MP, Cephas maxes it out
Side by Side: five picks, four for 4 MP, Hag maxes it out
Do the Math: SANDBAG
1/2 Off: 15 picks (most common game), JustBecause and Vader get 4 MP, Punchboard maxes it out
Range Game: eight picks, only 123123123 gets 4 MP
More or Less: solo pick, sideshow gets 2/4 and $50,000

Your 3 Stars of the game...

3. thepriceis_J - 8/22 on three games - Cover nailed, correctly slotted Range, correct result on Half
2. Hag - 8/44 on two games - nailing Cover and Side gives him the best possible two-game score
1. OneBidTris - 10/42 on three games - Cover and Side nailed, correct result on Half

Congrats to Tris on winning his second game. Since it wasn't your first win of the season, we can't give you $20,000. Awww.  :P

Here's how each of you fared with your chosen brands of analysis...

Next game is next week, and as of now appears to be special-free. See you all then.

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Re: FPG 1/6/17 - RESULTS
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2017, 08:15:01 PM »
Well, now that we've reached "next" week... we no longer have a game to play.  :boo:

Recently announced schedule shuffles have this week as a scattershot mess of episodes with no taping set airing its last show. Instead, the week of February 6-10 now has THREE days where an FPG game is due up (Tuesday/Thursday/Friday).

Our next game is now scheduled for Thursday, January 19, since Friday will be Inauguration Day and thus pre-empted.