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CSS Results for GSM Edition

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Yeesh. With more than half the field in OVERland, we're lucky that tonight's CSS does not count towards the leaderboard. This was determined by Marc and I for a couple of reasons. One was that the chat was overloaded with 40+ people in the room and many bids were lost in the borks. The other is that Robair didn't typically count prime time specials in with the daily CSS.

Clearly most of us proved that when The Dob isn't producing, we have NO idea what we're doing. :-D

Special thanks go out to SteveGavazzi for getting me the ARPs after my computer ate them.

Results for May 31 Game Show Marathon Edition

As i said in the other thread.. I TRULY thought a loaded mint classic stang was worth a FORTUNE and that speedboat wasn't a boat we had seen before.. but some sort of MDS boat-- ah well-- well that IS my willy of the century :)

Willy can stop yelling now.

I think my overbid on SC1 can be considered painful, considering how close I was.

Theses Showcases needed Ritalin.

Yeah... I didn't think anybody would do amazingly well on these showcases. These were a CSS player's worst nightmare.

Hehe. Had I been playing, I would have edged LiteBulb88 out by only THREE DOLLARS. (Bids: $38,475/$55,000)


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