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Hypothetical 90s Episode Question
« on: April 17, 2017, 10:34:47 AM »
Similar to the 1983 repeat, if the show were to do an episode that copied the lineup of one from the 90s, what do you think should be the date? Keep in mind that all active games must be included in the episode.

Obviously, these are the other things that should also be done: Use all the music cues that were active back then (this may or may not include the 1994 package), use the Door #2 image from the selected season on Door #4 (with or without banners, balloons and streamers), and the Turntable design from said season should be replicated as well. Also, for the first SCSD, use the show's theme instead of Dig We Must, like the actual show did 20 years ago, and a clip of Bob from the episode can be played at some point.