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May 21, 1997
« on: April 20, 2017, 10:38:57 AM »
First Four: Rosa, Rebecca, Theresa, Douglas

IUFB1: Motor Scooter
Rosa: $1100
Rebecca: $1199
Theresa: $1250
Douglas: $1350*
ARP: $1599

Bob does the now-rare "Bid on that in dollars" spiel. Rebecca tries to bid $11,999.

PG1: Any Number--Played for a Juicer or a Dodge Neon

First number in price of car: 1

First guess: 2, second number in car
Second guess: 6, first number in piggy bank
Third guess: 9, last number in juicer
Fourth guess: 5, last number in car
Fifth guess: 4, second number in piggy bank
Sixth guess: 7, third number in car
Seventh guess: 3, first number in juicer
Eighth guess: 1, fourth number in car

Other ARP's: Juicer--$389, Piggy bank--$6.40

Second Calldown: Lakeisha

IUFB2: Wingback Chair
Lakeisha: $650
Rosa: $795
Rebecca: $835
Theresa: $876

Lakeisha: $495
Rosa: $550
Rebecca: $551
Theresa: $552*
ARP: $599

PG2: Race Game--Played for a Dessert Set, Kitchen Safe, Stereo System and Microwave Range

Price Tags: $531, $648, $1150, $1699

First try: Dessert Set--$531, Kitchen Safe--$648, Stereo System--$1150, Microwave Range--$1699 (4 right, 25 seconds left)

Bob accidentally calls Theresa Lakeisha before he lets her explain the rules to the game, and she screws up a critical part of the game by saying that she has 45 minutes to play.

Third Calldown: Scott

IUFB3: Baseball Equipment
Scott: $425
Lakeisha: $475*
Rosa: $1
Rebecca: $325
ARP: $754

PG3: Grocery Game--Played for a Bedroom Group ($3,198)

GP1: Croissant Pockets
GP2: Body Shampoo
GP3: Detergent
GP4: Popcorn
GP5: Safflower Oil

First purchase: 1 Safflower Oil x $1.92 = $1.92
Second purchase: 2 Detergent x $3.20 = $6.40 (Total: $8.32)
Third purchase: 4 Popcorn x $2.29 = $9.16 (Total: $17.48)
Fourth purchase: 1 Body Shampoo x $3.82 = $3.82 (Total: $21.30--OVER)

Lakeisha: .85
Theresa: .15+.60=.75
Douglas: .90

Douglas is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Nino

IUFB4: Dinette (winner also receives Roll-o-Matic mop)
Nino: $799
Rosa: $900
Rebecca: $850
Scott: $901*
ARP: $999

PG4: Double Prices--Played for a Watercraft
Choices: $4,499 or $3,409

Scott picks $4,499

ARP: $4,499

Before the next calldown, Bob has a brief conversation with some Native Americans, noting that he's part Sioux.

Fifth Calldown: Jay

IUFB5: Telescope
Jay: $950
Nino: $850
Rosa: $1000
Rebecca: $1001

Jay: $600
Nino: $750
Rosa: $751
Rebecca: $752

Jay: $400
Nino: $575
Rosa: $500
Rebecca: $576*
ARP: $595

PG5: Punch-a-Bunch

SP1: Water Filter, wrong price: $80 (guesses lower, ARP: $59)
SP2: Iron, wrong price: $90 (guesses lower, ARP: $70)
SP3: Printing Calculator, wrong price: $20 (guesses higher, ARP: $38)
SP4: Cooler, wrong price: $120 (guesses lower, ARP: $100)

Rebecca wins four punches

First punch: $50, continues
Second punch: $1000, quits
Third punch: $1000
Fourth punch: $50

Rosa is now down to her last chance to avoid the FFBC. Will she succeed in this final One Bid round?

Final Calldown: Janice

IUFB6: Cuckoo Clock
Janice: $1200*
Jay: $525
Nino: $599
Rosa: $1
ARP: $1338

And there goes Rosa, off to the FFBC!

PG6: One Away--Played for a Chevrolet Malibu
Wrong Price: $27,673

Janice sets price to $18,764

Ladies, how many numbers are right? 4

Janice changes price to $16,764
ARP: $18,564

Janice: .40+.15=.55
Rebecca: .95
Scott: .70+.60=OVER

Rebecca is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Douglas
Runner-Up: Rebecca

Tool Set, Carving Knives, Trailer
Douglas passes to Rebecca, who bids $25,000

Display Cabinet, Living Room Group, Bangkok
Douglas bids $9,500

ARP of Douglas' Showcase: $12,697 (Difference: $3,197)
ARP of Rebecca's Showcase: $13,142 (OVER)

Before revealing the price of Rebecca's Showcase, Bob has a field day with her bidding, and even brings up hummingbirds.

Douglas wins his Showcase, and takes home $27,011 in cash and prizes!