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January 17, 1996
« on: April 24, 2017, 01:12:39 PM »
With an all-new pricing game that's played for the first time today!

First Four: Rebecca, Aaron, Ualanda, Grant

IUFB1: Sailboard (winner also receives Vitamins)
Grant: $1000
Ualanda: $1155
Aaron: $1156
Rebecca: $1185*
ARP: $1249

Bob does the old "Bid on that in dollars" spiel here.

PG1: Shopping Spree--Played for a Home Office Station, Color TV, Sofa and Washer/Dryer
Target Amount: $3,500

First purchase: Sofa (ARP: $1,320; $2,180 left)
Second purchase: Washer/Dryer (ARP: $998; $2,318 spent, $1,182 left)
Third purchase: Home Office Station (ARP: $1,500; $3,818 spent)

ARP of Color TV: Unknown


And the newest game in the rotation kicks off the show on a high note!

Second Calldown: Catherine

IUFB2: Wall Clock
Catherine: $800
Grant: $850
Ualanda: $1200
Aaron: $851*
ARP: $1125

PG2: Side by Side--Played for a Console piano
Number pairs: 60 and 49

Aaron (whose wife actually plays the piano) picks $6,049
ARP: $4,960 (SORRY!)

Third Calldown: Rodney

IUFB3: Model Train Set
Rodney: $525
Catherine: $499
Grant: $750
Ualanda: $751*
ARP: $1010

PG3: Spelling Bee--Played for a Ford Aspire ($10,195)

Free picks: 11, 12

SP1: Cologne (guesses $15; ARP: $15--wins all three SPs)
SP2: Organizer (no guess; ARP: $25)
SP3: Crib Light (no guess; ARP: $13)

Additional picks: 29, 7, 5

First card: A, continues
Second card: A, continues
Third card: C, continues
Fourth card: A, continues
Fifth card: CAR

Aaron: .60
Rebecca: .60
Ualanda: .65

Fourth Calldown: Kim

IUFB4: Refrigerator
Kim: $1100
Rodney: $1500
Catherine: $1501
Grant: $1101*
ARP: $1449

PG4: 1 Right Price--Played for a Bar Set and Game Table
The 1 right price is $2,074

Grant picks Bar Set

ARP of Bar Set: $2,549


Fifth Calldown: Mark

IUFB5: Kitchen Safe
Mark: $650
Kim: $750*
Rodney: $850
Catherine: $500
ARP: $848

PG5: 3 Strikes--Played for a Ford Bronco
Numbers in price of SUV: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

First draw: 2 (guesses first, is right)
Second draw: X (strike 1!)
Third draw: 4 (guesses fourth, is right)
Fourth draw: X (strike 2!)
Fifth draw: X (strike 3, YER OUT!)

ARP: $26,345


Before the final calldown, Bob points out an audience member who has a German Shepherd, and turns to Rod for suggestions on what to name it. Eventually, the audience member picks Bob, in honor of the host (who then suggests Janice if there's a female companion for him).

Final Calldown: Trisha

IUFB6: Sewing Machine (winner also receives Cough Drops)
Trisha: $600
Rodney: $565
Catherine: $550
Mark: $601*
ARP: $849

PG6: Bullseye--Played for a Trip to Scotland ($5,080)
GP1: Bleach
GP2: Popcorn
GP3: Soap
GP4: Ice Cream Bars
GP5: Crescent Rolls

First selection: 9 Bleach x $1.39 = $12.51, no marker
Second selection: 8 Soap x $2.11 = $16.88, no marker
Third selection: 5 Popcorn x $1.99 = $9.95

Hidden Bullseye
Behind popcorn? SORRY, game over

Behind bleach? SORRY
Behind soap? YES


A whole lot of apologizing going on, is there?

Kim: .10+.40=.50
Mark: .75
Grant: .75

Mark: .10
Grant: .90

Grant is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Ualanda
Runner-Up: Grant

Gardening Equipment, Flatware, Scuba Gear, Ford Mustang
Ualanda passes to Grant, who bids $20,000

Bedroom Group, Golf Cart, Clubs and Bags
Ualanda bids $11,995

ARP of Ualanda's Showcase: $13,129 (Difference: $1,134)
ARP of Grant's Showcase: $21,103 (Difference: $1,103)

Grant wins by a $31 margin, and ends up with $22,552 in cash and prizes!