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April 21, 1987
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First Four: Ronnie, Denise, Freida, Daniel

To start the show off, Bob wishes Phil Wayne a Happy Birthday.

IUFB1: Ski Equipment
Daniel: $600
Freida: $700
Denise: $750*
Ronnie: $550
ARP: $1427

PG1: Clock Game--Played for Luggage and a Love Seat

Denise will bid on the luggage first
Denise's bids/Bob's responses: $300/H, $400/H, $500/H, $600/H, $700/L, $750/L, $650/H, $670/H, $680/H, $690/L, $691/L, $680/H, $681/H, $682/H, $683/H, $684/H, $685/H, $686/H, $687/H, $688 (wins with 12 seconds left)

Next, she will bid on the love seat
Denise's bids/Bob's responses: $500/H, $600/H, $700/H, $800/H, $900/H, $1000/L, $900/H, $950/H, $960/H, $970/H, $980/L, $961/H, $872... MRRRRRRRRP!

ARP: $973


Second Calldown: Bridget

IUFB2: Garage Trash Compactor
Bridget: $850
Ronnie: $599
Daniel: $700
Freida: $675

Bridget: $499
Ronnie: $500
Daniel: $525
Freida: $450* (also wins $100 for a perfect bid)
ARP: $450

PG2: Hole in One (or Two)--Played for a Renault GTA ($9,906)

GP1: Air Freshener
GP2: Bayer
GP3: Hot Sauce
GP4: Cookies
GP5: Krackel Bar
GP6: Efferdent

Order of flags: Krackel Bar, Hot Sauce, Air Freshener, Cookies, Bayer, Efferdent
Prices: 50, 99, $1.49, $1.79, $2.89, $2.39

Freida will putt from the fifth hole

Bob's inspiration putt: perfect!

Freida's first putt: perfect!

During the game, Bob has Freida practice her putting from a couple of lines back.

Third Calldown: Robert

IUFB3: Dinette
Robert: $349
Bridget: $800
Ronnie: $750* (also wins $100 for a perfect bid)
Daniel: $900
ARP: $750

PG3: 1 Right Price--Played for a Baker's Rack and Grandfather Clock

The 1 right price is $1,650

Ronnie picks Clock

ARP of Clock: $1,650
ARP of Baker's Rack: $1,275


Denise: .05+.45=.50
Ronnie: .40+.45=.85
Freida: .95

Freida is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Josephine

IUFB4: Encyclopedia
Josephine: $450
Daniel: $600
Robert: $750*
Bridget: $451
ARP: $798

PG4: Poker Game--Played for an Exerciser, Refrigerator/Freezer, Gaming Cabinet and Cookware

Robert's picks: Refrigerator/Freezer ($899) and Cookware ($950)
Player's hand: 99985

Robert elects to keep his hand

Other ARP's: Exerciser--$399, Cookware--$600
House's hand: 99006


Fifth Calldown: Roger

IUFB5: Wicker Rocking Chair
Roger: $400*
Bridget: $380
Josephine: $650
Daniel: $651
ARP: $450

PG5: 3 Strikes--Played for a Chevrolet Sprint
Numbers in price of car: 1, 2, 5, 6

First draw: 6 (guesses first, is right)
Second draw: X (strike one!)
Third draw: X (strike two!)
Fourth draw: 2 (guesses third, is right)
Fifth draw: 5 (guesses second, is right)
Sixth draw: X (strike three, YER OUT!)

ARP: $6,521


Can Daniel avoid the fate of the FFBC? This is his last chance.

Final Calldown: Kimberly

IUFB6: Microwave Range (winner also receives Tea)
Kimberly: $600
Bridget: $1250
Josephine: $1275
Daniel: $1400*
ARP: $1481

And Daniel makes his way up on stage!

PG6: Secret "X"--Played for a Jukebox ($3,393)

The jukebox cue is an instrumental version of Donna Summer's She Works Hard for the Money. This is during the time when the show would throw in pop music as prize cues every now and then.

Free X: Bottom right

SP1: Shirts, $25 or $39? (picks $25, is right)
SP2: Lamp Timer, $10 or $17? (picks $17, is right)

Additional X's: Bottom left and top right

Location of secret "X: Top center


That's two painful losses in a row!

Roger: .95
Daniel: .10+.90=1.00
Robert: .45+.45=.90

Daniel: .80

Daniel is going to the Showcase! The first SCSD is all-female, and the second one is all-male.

Top Winner: Freida
Runner-Up: Daniel

Bunk Bed, Bedroom Group, Mazda 323
Freida passes to Daniel, who bids $13,000

Tahiti, Drum Set, Motorcycle, Sailboat
Freida bids $14,500

Freida's reason for passing the first Showcase is because she already won a car. How generous of her!

ARP of Freida's Showcase: $16,849 (Difference: $2,349)
ARP of Daniel's Showcase: $13,919 (Difference: $919)

Daniel wins his Showcase, and takes home $16,467 in cash and prizes!