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December 7, 1987
« on: April 28, 2017, 11:47:28 AM »
With an all-new game being played for the first time!

First Four: Shelden, Katherine, Lisa, Sally

IUFB1: Boat
Shelden: $2000
Katherine: $650
Lisa: $425
Sally: $1500*
ARP: $1695

Bob even says that the new game will be played first.

PG1: Credit Card--Played for a Serigraph, Cabinet, Sofa Bed, Refrigerator and Barware
Credit Limit: $2,200

First purchase: Barware--$461 ($1,739 left)
Second purchase: Refrigerator--$1,299 ($440 left)
Third purchase: Serigraph--$750 (OVER)

Other ARPs: Sofa Bed--$900, Cabinet--$1,100
Correct solution: Serigraph, Sofa Bed, Barware

Second Calldown: Marvin

IUFB2: Lamps
Marvin: $600
Shelden: $850
Katherine: $900
Lisa: $851

Marvin: $450
Shelden: $320*
Katherine: $425
Lisa: $430
ARP: $400

PG2: Hit Me--Played for a Snowmobile ($4,099)

House opens with 8

GP1: Handi Wipes (marked $11.90)
GP2: Welder (marked $3.79)
GP3: Granola Bars (marked $7.14)
GP4: Candies (marked $10.43)
GP5: Popcorn (marked $6.27)
GP6: Carnation Instant Breakfast (marked $8.72)

First pick: Handi Wipes; ARP: $1.19, gets King
Second pick: Welder; ARP: $3.79, gets Ace for Blackjack

House's draws 4 for a total score of 12


Why didn't Bob let the house draw more cards? The rules clearly state that it must hit on 16 or less.

Third Calldown: Ann

IUFB3: Stereo System
Ann: $1300*
Katherine: $1500
Lisa: $1200
Marvin: $1600
ARP: $1400

PG3: One Away--Played for a Chevrolet Spectrum
Wrong price: $8,543

Ann sets price to $9,452

Gentlemen, how many numbers are right? 3

Ann changes price to $9,432

ARP: $9,652

Ann: .35+.35=.70
Sally: 1.00 .95
Shelden: .65+.95=OVER

Sally is going to the Showcase!

Prior to spinning the Wheel, Bob has Ann explain the SCSD rules in full, which she does very well.

Fourth Calldown: Herman

IUFB4: Movie Books
Herman: $750* (also wins $100 for perfect bid)
Katherine: $450
Lisa: $500
Marvin: $445
ARP: $750

PG4: Most Expensive--Played for a Baker's Rack, Bar Set and Luggage

Herman picks #1

ARP of #2: $1,772
ARP of #3: $1,485
ARP of #1: $1,275


Afterwards, a chat with the Barker's Beauties takes place.

Fifth Calldown: Byung-Hwa

IUFB5: Sporting Equipment (winner also receives shaver)
Byung-Hwa: $450
Katherine: $400
Lisa: $451*
Marvin: $360
ARP: $531

Before the calldown, Bob plugs the Home Viewer Showcase, which will be revealed on the Friday show (which in 1987 would be December 11).

PG5: Lisa is going to play Plinko for a chance to win up to $25,000!!!
SP1: Videocassettes, wrong price: $36 (picks 6; ARP: $30)
SP2: Vacuum, wrong price: $30 (picks 0; ARP: $60)
SP3: Sandy Sandman Doll, wrong price: $75 (picks 5; ARP: $35)
SP4: Coffeemaker, wrong price: $90 (picks 9; ARP: $70)

Lisa wins two more SPs!

First chip: $5000
Second chip: $1000
Third chip: $0
Total: $6,000

Final Calldown: Julie

IUFB6: Tables
Julie: $1100
Marvin: $850
Byung-Hwa: $1500
Katherine: $1200

Julie: $750*
Marvin: $675
Byung-Hwa: $700
Katherine: $650
ARP: $800

PG6: Any Number--Played for a Washer/Dryer or Chevrolet Sprint
First pick: 6, third number in car
Second pick: 7, first number in washer/dryer
Third pick: 8, first number in car
Fourth pick: 5, first number in washer/dryer
Fifth pick: 4, first number in piggy bank
Sixth pick: 3, last number in car
Seventh pick: 2, second number in piggy bank
Eighth pick: 9, last number in piggy bank

Other ARPs: Car--$8,163, Washer/Dryer--$750


Julie: .10+.55=.65
Herman: .60+.75=OVER
Lisa: .65

Julie: .95
Lisa: 1.00

Lisa: .50

Lisa is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Lisa
Runner-Up: Sally

Tuxedo, Evening Gown, Milan, Vienna, Sydney, $1,500 Cash (with $500 to spend on opera seats for each trip)
Lisa bids $11,025

Dining Room Set, Cappuccino Machine, Dune Buggy
Sally bids $9,500

Rod's voiceover is played for the first Showcase, as he is shown modeling the tuxedo along with Janice modeling the gown.

ARP of Sally's Showcase: $16,213 (Difference: $6,713)
ARP of Lisa's Showcase: $10,543 (OVER)

Sally wins her Showcase, and takes home $17,908 in cash and prizes!

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Re: December 7, 1987
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Why didn't Bob let the house draw more cards? The rules clearly state that it must hit on 16 or less.

Shelden already had 21, and since ties always went to the contestant, there was no point in the house drawing more cards.
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