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February 11, 1988
« on: May 01, 2017, 11:40:44 AM »
First Four: Lisa, Harold, Pamela, Janice

IUFB1: Microwave Range
Lisa: $1200
Harold: $1100
Pamela: $1500
Janice: $1350*
ARP: $1481

Bob tells the bidders that "it will go the one of you four who bids nearest to the ARP without going over".

PG1: Card Game--Played for a Chevrolet Sprint
Special Deck: $1,000

Opening Bid: $2,000

Draws: 3C ($2,300), 5D ($2,800), KH ($3,800), KC ($4,800), 10S ($5,800)

Final bid: $5,800

The ARP reveal is missing, but based on Janice spinning first, it's safe to say that she lost.

Second Calldown: David

IUFB2: Keyboard
David: $1100*
Lisa: $900
Harold: $700
Pamela: $825
ARP: $1149

PG2: Clock Game--Played for a Sofa and Motor Scooter

David will bid on Sofa first
David's bids/Bob's responses: $800/L, $600/H, $700/L, $650/H, $660/H, $670/H, $680/H, $690/H, $695/H, $697/H, $698/H, $699 (wins with 18 seconds left)

Next, he will bid on Motor Scooter
David's bids/Bob's responses: $1100/L, $1000/L, $900/L, $800/H, $850/L, $840/H, $845/H, $846/H, $847/H, $848 (wins with 9 seconds left)


Third Calldown: Susan

IUFB3: Hall Stand & Mirror
Susan: $850
Lisa: $600
Harold: $1000
Pamela: $1001*
ARP: $1368

PG3: The Phone Home Game
Caller: Bernice

GP1: Popcorn
GP2: Denture Care
GP3: Lotion
GP4: Sponges
GP5: Men's Underwear
GP6: Toilet Cleaner
GP7: Home Perm

Bernice's first price: $1.89
Pamela guesses popcorn, ARP: $1.89

Bernice's second price: $5.89
Pamela guesses home perm, ARP: $4.95 (underwear was $5.89)

Bernice's third price: 99
Pamela guesses sponges, ARP: 99

Cash Awards: $3,000 and $10,000, for a total of $13,000 in shared winnings


Janice: .10+.95=OVER
David: .90
Pamela: .95

Pamela is going to the Showcase! Bob says that they will build a new Wheel, which will debut about one month from now.

Fourth Calldown: Joan

IUFB4: Golf Clubs (winner also receives Soap)
Joan: $1300
Susan: $850
Lisa: $1100
Harold: $1*
ARP: $745

PG4: Most Expensive--Played for a Secretary, Washer/Dryer and Cradle

Harold picks #2

ARP of #1: $1,955
ARP of #3: $1,540
ARP of #2: $1,248


Fifth Calldown: Laurence

IUFB5: Camcorder
Laurence: $1900
Joan: $1150
Susan: $1000
Lisa: $1151*
ARP: $1560

PG5: Secret "X"--Played for a Dining Room Group ($2,950)

Free X: Top Left

SP1: Telephone, $23 or $50? (picks $50, is right)
SP2: Bracelet, $18 or $37? (picks $37, is right)

Additional X's: Bottom Right and Top Right

Location of secret "X": Dead center


Final Calldown: Ophelia

IUFB6: Dishwasher (winner also receives Fruit Snacks)
Ophelia: $1200
Laurence: $750
Joan: $700
Susan: $1*
ARP: $500

Bob namedrops Kyle, who is filling in for an under-the-weather Dian.

PG6: Deluxe Dice Game--Played for a Subaru XT
First number: 1

Second number: Rolls 3 2, is wrong (guesses higher)
Third number: Rolls 5, is wrong (guesses lower)
Fourth number: Rolls 2, is right
Fifth number: Rolls 6, is right

ARP: $11,326


Before the reveal, Bob asks various production staff (including Roger and Phil) about the odds of a 1 or a 6 appearing in the car's price. Roger later calls up a professor in mathematics and gets 80% higher and 28% lower.

Susan: .30+.65=.95
Harold: .90+.10=1.00
Lisa: .85+.60=OVER

Harold: .95

Top Winner: Pamela
Runner-Up: Harold

Exercise Equipment, Paris, Sport Boat
Pamela passes to Harold, who bids $16,500

Tea Service with Imported Teas, London, Copenhagen, New Delhi
Pamela bids $9,500

ARP of Harold's Showcase: $13,338 (OVER)
ARP of Pamela's Showcase: $8,386 (OVER)

And the show ends in a dreaded Double-Overbid!