Author Topic: 7922K - 05/02/17 Recap Thread  (Read 720 times)

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7922K - 05/02/17 Recap Thread
« on: May 02, 2017, 10:58:47 AM »
5 PRICE TAGS - PL (5:11.32)
PICK-A-NUMBER - L (2:47.67)
MAGIC # - W (4:03.92)
SIDE BY SIDE - L (2:57.07)
GRAND GAME - L (4:29.68)
MORE OR LESS - W (4:54.79)
CSS Champion - Season IX (Part II)
G-R Recapper - Season 44 (Part I)

And if you win that trip, you travel to the end of the Golden Road, where we have the most expensive prize ever offered on Golden!!!! IT IS MORE THAN $481,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Wild cheering and applause) LOOK WHAT WE HAVE AT THE END OF THE GOLDEN ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOUR OWN PRIVATE ISLAND OFF THE COAST OF TAHITI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You and your whole family will fly round trip coach from Los Angeles to Tahiti where you'll sign a deed to a 2-mile across, 2-mile wide island 25 miles off the coast of Tahiti. This island includes a beachouse and more! And if you win this island, you'll recieve A NEW CADILLAC XLR CONVERTIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: 7922K - 05/02/17 Recap Thread
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2017, 03:32:51 PM »
Never would've thought the car was only $16,000 in Five Price Tags or that 5 was right in Pick a Number. I thought Magic # was going to be lost too because she didn't go above 2000, but luckily for her the kayaks were also not that expensive.

Grand Game was tough with the cookies being one of the above target price products. More or Less probably should've been lost with the computer and elliptical being toss-ups, but the Mini Cooper was easy.