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June 28, 1988
« on: May 01, 2017, 12:54:19 PM »
First Four: Kimberly, Lisa, Peggy, Julius

IUFB1: Boat (winner also receives Latex Gloves)
Julius: $1400*
Peggy: $1250
Lisa: $1000
Kimberly: $1
ARP: $1695

Bob states that "it will go to the one of you four who bids nearest to the ARP without going over".

PG1: Bump--Played for a Dart Game and Refrigerator/Freezer

SETUP: $1895/$1450/$2560/$1895

Julius picks Janice to bump prices to $2560 and $1895

ARP of Dart Game: $1895
ARP of Refrigerator: $1450


Ray Combs comes around on the Turntable to announce the return of Family Feud, and also jokes that Janice and Dian are Combs' Cuties, to which Dian replies: "No, we're Barker's Beauties; you're going to have to go find your own Cuties!" A couple of Feud references are also thrown in for good measure, like "Good answer" and "Survey said!"

Second Calldown: Ida

IUFB2: Dinette (winner also receives Reddi Wip)
Ida: $1595
Peggy: $2000
Lisa: $1450
Kimberly: $1*
ARP: $1051

PG2: Temptation--Played for a Chevrolet Sprint

Clock ($470, picks 7)
Range ($699, picks 9)
Camera ($300, picks 0)
Recliner ($500, picks 5)

Total ARP of gifts: $1,969

Kimberly changes 0 to 3, 5 to 0 and 9 to 6

She goes for the car...

ARP: $7,630


Third Calldown: Teresa

IUFB3: VCR and Videocassette Collection
Teresa: $735*
Ida: $695
Peggy: $550
Lisa: $700
ARP: $1,070

PG3: Grand Game
Target Price: $1.40

GP1: Fla-Vor-Aid
GP2: Scratch Guard
GP3: Hershey's Syrup
GP4: Air Freshener
GP5: Gas-X
GP6: Baking Powder

First pick: Drink Mix, ARP: 49, wins $10
Second pick: Syrup, ARP: 99, wins $100
Third pick: Baking Powder, ARP: 72, wins $1,000

Teresa decides to continue

Fourth pick: Freshener, ARP: $1.29, wins $10,000!

Other ARP's are unrevealed


Julius: .05 1.00
Kimberly: .40+.35=.75
Teresa: .55+1.00=OVER

Julius: .10

Julius is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Andrew

IUFB4: Luggage
Andrew: $500
Ida: $550
Peggy: $600
Lisa: $601*
ARP: $620

PG4: Credit Card--Played for a Cabinet, Stereo System, Exerciser, Sofa and Dishwasher

Credit Limit: $1,900

First purchase: Dishwasher--$599 ($1,301 left)
Second purchase: Cabinet--$500 ($801 left)
Third purchase: Exerciser--$479 ($322 left)

Other ARP's: Stereo System--$1251, Sofa--$1020


Fifth Calldown: Debra

IUFB5: Hutch
Debra: $950
Andrew: $999
Ida: $1000
Peggy: $1002

Debra: $750
Andrew: $751
Ida: $800
Peggy: $799

Debra: $650*
Andrew: $500
Ida: $400
Peggy: $350
ARP: $730

PG5: Range Game--Played for a Projection TV
Range: $2600-$3200

Debra stops range at $2830-$2980

ARP: $3,000


If only she had waited a second or two longer...

Bob does not even specify how long the rangefinder cannot be started after it has been stopped, like he usually does.

Meanwhile, what will become of Peggy?

Final Calldown: Karen

IUFB6: Keyboard (winner also receives Eye Drops)
Karen: $695
Andrew: $450
Ida: $800*
Peggy: $795
ARP: $1496

Poor Peggy ends up in the FFBC.

PG6: Master Key--Played for a Typewriter, Popcorn Cart and Toyota Tercel

SP1: Children's Clothing, $37 or $71? (picks $37, is right--picks Key #2)
SP2: Screwdriver (which Ida correctly identifies), $25 or $50? (picks $25, is right--picks Key #4)

Testing the keys
Key #4 into Typewriter? No
Key #4 into Popcorn Cart? WIN

Key #2 into Typewriter? No
Key #2 into Car? WIN


Debra: .75
Lisa: 1.00
Ida: .20+.10=.30

Lisa: .45

Lisa is going to the Showcase, where she will face the other $1,000 winner!

Top Winner: Lisa
Runner-Up: Julius

Bunk Bed, Bedroom Group, Motor Scooters
Lisa passes to Julius, who bids $12,000

Picnic Basket, Aspen, Scotland, Bali
Lisa bids $10,000

The second Showcase features a second playing of Starcrossed today, which has previously been used in Credit Card.

ARP of Julius's Showcase: $10,322 (OVER)
ARP of Lisa's Showcase: $9,805 (OVER)

Curses, a Double-Overbid!