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September 15, 1988
« on: May 03, 2017, 11:01:25 AM »
With a new game being played for the first time today!

First Four: Greta, Martin, Timothy, Paula

IUFB1: Race Car Bed
Greta: $350
Martin: $550
Timothy: $900*
Paula: $600
ARP: $1250

PG1: Spelling Bee--Played for a Jeep Cherokee ($12,346)

Free picks: 10, 4

SP1: Hand Vacuum (guesses $30, ARP: $40, Difference: $10)
SP2: Containers (guesses $25, ARP: $16, Difference: $9)
SP3: Paint (guesses $45, ARP: $40, Difference: $5)

Additional picks: 30, 22, 8

Timothy decides to continue playing instead of taking the cash

First Card: R, continues
Second Card: A, continues
Third Card: C
Fourth Card: C
Fifth Card: C


Along with showing the difference, Bob also gives Timothy the option to choose any card to look under; however, Timothy wants to see the cards revealed in order, which makes the game flow better anyway.

Second Calldown: Alma

IUFB2: Area Rug
Alma: $575
Paula: $900
Greta: $1200
Martin: $1201*
ARP: $1299

PG2: Range Game--Played for a Sport Boat
Range: $6100-$6700

Martin stops range at $6350-$6500

ARP: $6460


Bob says that they cannot start the rangefinder once it is stopped, but does not specify how long.

Third Calldown: Steven

Steven: $425
Alma: $500
Paula: $525
Greta: $526*
ARP: $549

PG3: Race Game--Played for a Recliner, Decorative Table, Food Preparer and Washer/Dryer

Price Tags: $430, $660, $880, $1099

First try: Recliner--$1099, Food Preparer--$430, Washer/Dryer--$880, Table--660 (4 right, 34 seconds left)


Greta (who explains the rules to a T) has tied the record for fastest winning time, with 11 seconds!

Greta: .60+.45=OVER
Martin: .90
Timothy: .55+1.00=OVER

Martin is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Laurie

IUFB4: Dinette (winner also receives Frosted Wheat Squares)
Laurie: $1100
Steven: $1250*
Alma: $1150
Paula: $1200
ARP: $1806

PG4: Barker's Bargain Bar--Played for Trips to Washington, DC and New Orleans

Washington: Bargain Price--$2500
New Orleans: Bargain Price--$2100

Steven picks Washington

ARP of New Orleans: $2900 (Difference: $800)
ARP of Washington: $3000 (Difference: $500)


Fifth Calldown: Peggy

IUFB5: Refrigerator/Freezer (winner also receives Potato Chips)
Peggy: $1000*
Alma: $1200
Paula: $1250
Laurie: $1300
ARP: $1060

PG5: Add em Up--Played for a Ford Festiva

Sum of four digits in car's price: 17

Free digit: Third number (3)

First pick: 8, is wrong but game continues
Second pick: 6, is wrong and game over

ARP: $7,235


Final Calldown: Joann

IUFB5: Tables
Joann: $1200
Alma: $1000
Paula: $1500
Laurie: $1250

Joann: $800* (also wins $100 for a perfect bid)
Alma: $950
Paula: $951
Laurie: $952
ARP: $800

PG6: Grand Game
Target Price: $1.35

GP1: Orange Punch
GP2: Zingers
GP3: Rice
GP4: Olive Oil
GP5: Baking Powder
GP6: Canned Peas

First pick: Peas, ARP: 43 (wins $10)
Second pick: Baking Powder, ARP: 72 (wins $100)
Third pick: Olive Oil Rice, ARP: $1.45 (game over)

Other ARP's: Fruit Punch--$1.29, Zingers--Unknown (but it's more than $1.35), Olive Oil--99


Joann: .95
Peggy: .50+.25=.75
Steven: 1.00

Steven: .70

Top Winner: Martin
Runner-Up: Steven

Attic Chair, Range, Grand Piano
Martin passes to Steven, who bids $9,500

Jukebox, Scotland, Trailer
Martin bids $13,200

The second Showcase features a preview of things to come: showing Rod in the lower left corner of the screen while different cartoons are displayed; of course, we will know it as the calldown window!

ARP of Steven's Showcase: $14,230 (Difference: $4,730)
ARP of Martin's Showcase: $15,530 (Difference: $2,330)

Martin wins his Showcase, and takes home $23,289 in cash and prizes!