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The Playoffs for a season of Chatroom Showcase Showoff ("CSS") generally commence on Memorial Day in recent seasons. The Playoffs cover fifteen (15) episodes. If one of the regularly-scheduled games is cancelled for some reason, whether it be due to pre-emption or otherwise, the game will be made up on the next available date (there are usually 3-5 more episodes before reruns start to use).

All players who have played at least 40% of all games during the regular season (denoted by the Line) are eligible to participate in the Playoffs. The line is usually at roughly around 62-66 games at this point.


The Classic Round consists of fifteen (15) CSS games, each played like a regular season CSS game. As in the past, scores from these games will be recorded on the official playoff Leaderboard. Scores will be ranked by players' average playoff score, which includes the average score of all playoff games for each player, plus any additional bonus points (see below).

Playoff games are treated as games in the overall season leaderboard as well, and non-playoff players are still welcome to play. However, playoff players cannot designate their bids to only count for the regular season and not the playoffs, or vice versa.

For the Playoffs, only the DSW/QSW/Blitz doublers may be earned. All other doublers (Plinko, Friday, etc.) ARE OUT OF PLAY.


Listed below are ways to earn bonus points, to be added to the average score of all playoff games for a final playoff score:

-Regular season performance. Those in the top ten in both overall standings and cash after the regular season finale will earn up to ten bonus points per category (10 for first, 9 for second, and so on) for a maximum of 20. Bonus points will be added to players' average scores to determine their Classic Round score. If a top 10 casher is under the line, that bonus is considered "lost" for the purposes of the playoff leaderboard (e.g. the remaining bonuses will not be shifted down one spot).

-For the Playoffs, all cash accumulated by a participant will be converted to bonus points at the rate of 1.00 bonus point per $20000 (e.g. a hypothetical $25000 showcase cashed normally would net +1.25 bonus points). Additionally, Playoff participants are not necessarily guaranteed cash - if a player not in the Playoffs should cash a showcase, that cash is considered "lost" for the purposes of the playoff leaderboard.

-Other: The host may apply extra bonuses at his discretion. Usually this will be a reward for primetime performance, to give an incentive to play CSS in the primetime shows.


In order to qualify for the Championship, players must play at least ten (10) games in the Classic Round. Additionally, players must play at least three (3) of the final five (5) games of the playoffs. The player with the highest average that qualifies will be declared the Champion of CSS for the season!

Please note the following additional qualification moving forward, with season 15's playoffs beginning in two weeks:

Additionally, players must play at least three (3) of the final five (5) games of the playoffs.

This rule has been suggested and accepted to mitigate the following situation which has happened in a couple recent playoff seasons: a player has sprinted to a big lead after the first two weeks, then is able to coast the final week to the championship, playing once or not at all.


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