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November 10, 1993
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First Four: Tammie, Tonya, Sherry Ann, Shanelle

IUFB1: Sailboard
Tammie: $750
Tonya: $1000
Sherry Ann: $1150*
Shanelle: $1250
ARP: $1249

Bob does the old "Bid on that in dollars" spiel here.

PG1: Most Expensive--Played for a Barbecue, Armoire and Pool Table

Sherry Ann picks #3

ARP of #1: $1351
ARP of #2: $1610
ARP of #3: $2130


Second Calldown: Robert

IUFB2: Color TV's with Radio and Clock
Robert: $799
Shanelle: $650*
Tammie: $700
Tonya: $649
ARP: $658

PG2: Any Number--Played for a Refrigerator/Freezer or a Mercury Capri

First number in car: 1

First pick: 3, fourth number in car
Second pick: 4, second number in refrigerator
Third pick: 0, second number in piggy bank
Fourth pick: 6, second number in car
Fifth pick: 5, last number in car
Sixth pick: 8, first number in refrigerator
Seventh pick: 9, last number in refrigerator

Other ARP's: Car--$16,235, Piggy bank--$7.01


Third Calldown: Catherine

IUFB3: Exercise Bikes (winner also receives Vaseline Cream)
Catherine: $700
Tammie: $800
Tonya: $425
Robert: $900*
ARP: $1050

PG3: Hit Me--Played for a Bedroom Group ($4,189)

House opens with a Queen

GP1: Arctic Spray (marked $26.97)
GP2: Ginsana (marked $14.95)
GP3: Ice Cream Sandwiches (marked $20.93)
GP4: Detergent (marked $6.58)
GP5: Home Perm (marked $56.00)
GP6: Oven Bags (marked $12.20)

First pick: Arctic Spray, ARP--$8.99, gets 3
Second pick: Detergent, ARP--$3.29, gets 2 for total of 5
Third pick: Homer Perm, ARP--$7.00, gets 8 for total of 13
Fourth pick: Ice Cream Sandwiches, ARP--$2.99, gets 7 for total of 20

Robert decides to quit

House's draws: Jack for 20, but since ties always go to the player...


Shanelle: 1.00
Robert: .95+.85=OVER
Sherry Ann: .85+.55=OVER

Shanelle: .15

Shanelle is going to the Showcase, with $6,000 more in her pocket! Sherry Ann's second spin is not buzzed.

Fourth Calldown: Richard

IUFB4: Lamps
Richard: $950
Catherine: $860
Tammie: $700*
Tonya: $800
ARP: $713

PG4: Race Game--Played for a Recliner, Laundry Center, Grandfather Clock and Stemware

Price Tags: $487, $589, $980, $1799

First try: Recliner--$980, Laundry Center--$589, Grandfather Clock--$1799, Stemware--$487 (2 right, 31 seconds left)
Second try: Recliner--$589, Laundry Center--$980, Grandfather Clock--$1799, Stemware--$487 (4 right, 21 seconds left)


Fifth Calldown: Joyce

IUFB1: Translator and Calculator
Joyce: $400* (also wins $100 for a perfect bid)
Tonya: $525
Richard: $300
Catherine: $600
ARP: $400

PG5: Pathfinder--Played for a Ford Aerostar

First number: 1

SP1: Vacuum
SP2: Baby Clothes
SP3: Typewriter

Second number: 9, 8, 2 or 6? Steps to 9, is wrong

Picks typewriter: $100 or $130? Picks $130, is right

Second number: 8, 2 or 6? Steps to 6, is right ($16,---)
Third number: 3, 8 or 5? Steps to 5, is wrong

Picks vacuum: $280 or $320? Picks $320, is wrong
Left with baby clothes: $17 or $21? Picks $17, is wrong and game over

ARP: $16,379


Before the final calldown, Bob and Rod bring up Rod's weight loss. Bob polls the audience on how much weight Rod has lost, and the announcer reveals that he has indeed lost 10 pounds.

Meanwhile, down in Contestant's Row, Tonya is down to her last chance to win her way up on stage.

Final Calldown: Tracy

IUFB6: Encyclopedia
Tracy: $600
Tonya: $815
Richard: $550*
Catherine: $900
ARP: $599

Rod messes up Tracy's name so bad that he doesn't even tell her that she is the next contestant on the show.

Sadly, Tonya's journey ends at the FFBC.

PG6: Barker's Bargain Bar--Played for Trips to Nashville and Newport, RI

Nashville: Bargain price--$2,351
Newport: Bargain price--$2,366

Richard (who's a country music fan, can sing like Willie Nelson and has never been to either of these destinations) picks Newport

ARP of Nashville: $3,351 (Difference: $1,000)
ARP of Newport: $2,866 (Difference: $500)


Richard: .55+.50=OVER
Joyce: .70
Tammie: .30+.40=.70

Joyce: .15
Tammie: .15

Joyce: .15
Tammie: .35

Tammie is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Shanelle
Runner-Up: Tammie

Dining Set, Piano, Spa
Shanelle passes to Tammie, who bids $17,500

Luggage, Jukebox, Ford Taurus
Shanelle bids $1

The reason for Shanelle's $1 bid is because she thought Tammie had gone over. Will this strategy pay off?

ARP of Shanelle's Showcase: $23,926 (Difference: $23,925)
ARP of Tammie's Showcase: $11,438 (OVER)

Shanelle wins her Showcase, and takes home $31,433 in cash and prizes!