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June 11, 1996
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First Four: Scott, Rosa, Chansee, Laura

IUFB1: Evening Gown
Scott: $550
Rosa: $500
Chansee: $1000*
Laura: $650
ARP: $1650

PG1: Shell Game--Played for a Living Room Group and Encyclopedia ($3,399)

SP1: Styling Iron, Wrong price: $25 (guesses lower, ARP: $37)
SP2: Coin Bank, Wrong price: $18 (guesses higher, ARP: $25)
SP3: Canister Set, Wrong price: $28 (guesses higher, ARP: $40)
SP4: Pasta Maker, Wrong price: $130 (guesses higher, ARP: $100)

Chansee wins two chips, and places them by Shells #2 and #4

Bob checks Shell #1, no ball
Bob checks Shell #2, no ball
Bob lets Chansee go behind table to check Shell #4, and she finds ball


The newlywed now has some furniture for her living room!

Second Calldown: Kathy #1

IUFB2: Luggage (winner also receives Nail Care)
Kathy #1: $815
Laura: $900
Scott: $700*
Rosa: $850
ARP: $740

PG2: Magic #--Played for a Power Tools and Dinette
Magic number must be more than price of power tools, but less than that of dinette

Scott sets magic number to $1,330

ARP of power tools: $1,220
ARP of dinette: $1,870


Third Calldown: Robert

Robert's last name is Price; could this be a good sign for him?

IUFB3: Dishwasher
Robert: $450
Rosa: $800
Kathy #1: $815*
Laura: $451
ARP: $949

PG3: Cover Up--Played for a Ford Thunderbird

Wrong price: $27,356

First try: $18,965 (1, 8 and 9 are right)
Second try: $18,930
ARP: $18,930


Scott: .15+.35=.50
Chansee: .70
Kathy #1: .05+.60=.65

Chansee is going to the Showcase! Since one of the cameras is not working, neither SCSD has the arrow shot. Shortly afterwards, it is scrapped completely, but will eventually be revived on Drew Carey's show 13 years later.

Fourth Calldown: Kathy #2

This ensures that someone named Kathy will occupy the same spot for at least three rounds in a row.

IUFB4: Wine Cart
Kathy #2: $699
Laura: $650* (also wins $100 for a perfect bid)
Robert: $450
Rosa: $751
ARP: $650

PG3: Most Expensive--Played for a Cradle, Treadmill and Drum Set

Laura picks #2

ARP of #1: $1,383
ARP of #3: $2,222
ARP of #2: $1,750


Fifth Calldown: Ronald

Rod is wearing a candy-striped suit!

IUFB5: Artwork (up for adoption: an unnamed dog from the Los Angeles SPCA)
Ronald: $1150
Robert: $1000
Rosa: $1100
Kathy #2: $1151*
ARP: $1350

PG5: Card Game--Played for a Geo Tracker Convertible

Special deck: $2,000

Opening bid: $8,000

Draws: QD ($9,000), 2D ($9,200), 8H ($10,000), 6D ($10,600), 5C ($11,100)

Final bid: $11,100

ARP: $15,239

Difference: $4,139


Rosa faces the dreaded possibility of going to the FFBC; this is her final shot at a stage appearance.

Final Calldown: Kimnan (but everyone calls her Kim for short)

IUFB6: Motor Scooter (winner also receives Shampoo)
Kim: $1400*
Ronald: $5000
Robert: $2200
Rosa: $2100 $1
ARP: $1599

Needless to say, Rosa is in the FFBC now.

PG6: Now...or Then--Played for a Jukebox ($5,195)

Then: August 1988

GP1: Detergent (marked $2.53)
GP2: Ice Cream Bars (marked $3.39)
GP3: Lemonade Mix (marked $1.99)
GP4: Lotion (marked $4.99)
GP5: Salad Dressing (marked $1.39)
GP6: Toilet Cleaner (marked $2.89)

First pick: Salad Dressing (guesses now, is wrong)
Second pick: Ice Cream Bars (guesses now, is right)
Third pick: Lemonade Mix (guesses now, is wrong)
Fourth pick: Detergent (guesses now, is right)
Fifth pick: Toilet Cleaner (guesses now, is right)


Kim tells Bob that he looks younger in person, and at one point she asks him "When was then?"

Laura: .95
Kathy #2: .75+.35=OVER
Kim: .20+.40=.60

Laura is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Chansee
Runner-Up: Laura

Ice Cream, Ireland, Dodge Intrepid
Chansee bids $25,000

Watch, Monopoly Board Game, Dollhouse, Train Set, Bali
Laura bids $9,850

ARP of Chansee's Showcase: $28,475 (Difference: $3,475)
ARP of Laura's Showcase: $11,108 (Difference: $1,258)

Laura wins her Showcase, and takes home $11,858 in cash and prizes!