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January 25, 1985
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First Four: Jennifer, Beatriz, Susan, Milton

IUFB1: Crystal Castle
Jennifer: $500*
Beatriz: $350
Susan: $400
Milton: $355
ARP: $1200

The rotating silver platter malfunctions and refuses to come down for a moment.

PG1: Range Game--Played for a Trip to Switzerland
Range: $3100-$3700

Jennifer stops rangefinder at $3400-$3550

ARP: $3,486


Three weeks?! Wow, they really must've had some time to kill.

Second Calldown: Geraldine

IUFB2: Warmup Suits
Geraldine: $400
Beatriz: $450* (also wins $100 for a perfect bid)
Susan: $350
Milton: $451
ARP: $450

PG2: Poker Game--Played for a Globe Bar, Sofa Bed, Washer/Dryer and Tray Table
Beatriz' picks: Washer/Dryer ($838) and Sofa Bed ($799)
Beatriz' Hand: 99887

Beatriz keeps her hand

Other ARP's: Globe Bar ($395) and Tray Table ($598)
House's Hand: 99558

Third Calldown: Julie

IUFB3: Trash Compactor
Julie: $400
Susan: $500
Milton: $525*
Geraldine: $399
ARP: $550

PG3: The Phone Home Game

Home Contestant: Anna Mae

GP1: Beef Stew
GP2: Honey
GP3: Breaded Shrimp
GP4: Apricot Scrub
GP5: Chocolate Chips
GP6: Liquid Soap
GP7: Gum

Anna Mae's first pick: $6.79 (Milton guesses Shrimp, ARP: $6.79)
Anna Mae's first pick: $1.49 (Milton guesses Chocolate Chips, ARP: $1.90, Beef Stew was $1.49)
Anna Mae's first pick: 25 (Milton guesses Gum, ARP: 25)

Cash Prizes: $1,000 and $3,000, for a total of $4,000 to split (Beef Stew had $10,000 attached to it)


Milton: .05+.05=.10
Beatriz: .65
Jennifer: .65

Beatriz: .85
Jennifer: .65

Beatriz is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: John

IUFB4: Lob-Ster Tennis Equipment
John: $425
Geraldine: $325
Julie: $500
Susan: $501*
ARP: $880

PG4: Barker's Bargain Bar--Played for a Daybed and Grandfather Clock

Daybed: Bargain price--$1,025
Clock: Bargain price--$1,150

Susan picks Clock

ARP of Daybed: $1,325 (Difference: $300)
ARP of Clock: $1,650 (Difference: $500)


We later find out that Susan was a part of the Naval Academy's first-ever female graduating class in 1980.

Fifth Calldown: Brenda

IUFB5: Gas Barbecue Grill
Brenda: $699
John: $450*
Geraldine: $550
Julie: $600
ARP: $457

PG5: Any Number--Played for an Alpaca Rug or Ford Mustang

First pick: 8, last number in car
Second pick: 7, first number in car
Third pick: 4, last number in piggy bank
Fourth pick: 5, third number in car
Fifth pick: 6, second number in piggy bank
Sixth pick: 3, second number in car

Other ARP's: Rug--$210 and piggy bank--$9.64


Final Calldown: Tami

IUFB6: Aquarium Coffee Table
Tami: $465
Geraldine: $500
Julie: $600*
Brenda: $350 (300 and a half?)
ARP: $695

PG6: Secret "X"--Played for a Catamaran ($3,500)

Free X: Upper left

SP1: Hand Vacuum, $40 or $55? (picks $55, is right)
SP2: Baby Clothing, $15 or $25? (picks $15, is wrong)

Additional X: Bottom right

Location of secret X: Top center


Julie: .70
Susan: .55+.55=OVER
John: .20+.40=.60

Julie is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Beatriz
Runner-Up: Julie

Tea Set, Dining Room, China Set, Stemware, Grand Piano
Beatriz passes to Julie, who bids $9,000

Microwave Range, Projection TV, New York, Trailer
Beatriz bids $10,000

Holly's little black book is the theme in the second Showcase, with Stan (Blits), Phil (Wayne), Roger (Dobkowitz), Andy (Felsher) and John Darby (the love of her life) being namedropped, as well as references to the CBS shows Dallas, Capitol and the Young & the Restless.

ARP of Beatriz' Showcase: $15,844 (Difference: $5,844)
ARP of Julie's Showcase: $11,211 (Difference: $2,211)

Julie wins her Showcase, and takes home $11,961 in cash and prizes! Bob's signoff is unusual, in that he says "thanking you for joining us" before saying the then-standard "Goodbye, everybody!"