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November 11, 1985
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With Gene Wood (from the then-recently cancelled Family Feud) announcing, and the Home Viewer Showcase, Christmas Wishes.

First Four: Clarence, Phyllis, Adrienne, Lana

IUFB1: Microwave Range (winner also receives Cider Mix)
Lana: $489
Adrienne: $1100
Phyllis: $1101*
Clarence: $800
ARP: $1295

The cue is a variant of Showcase '83. Bob says that it "will go to the one of you four who bids nearest to the ARP without going over."

PG1: Grocery Game--Played for a Pinball Machine, Color TV and Pool Table ($5,618)

PG1: Baking Soda
GP2: Tomatoes
GP3: Rice
GP4: Crème Soda
GP5: Krackel Bar

First purchase: 6 Tomatoes x 67¢ = $4.02
Second purchase: 3 Baking Soda x 29¢ = 87¢ (TOTAL--$4.89)
Third purchase: 2 Rice x 85¢ = $1.70 (TOTAL--$6.59)
Fourth purchase: 1 Crème Soda x 26¢ = 26¢ (TOTAL--$6.85)


Christmas Wishes has the following prizes: a mini car based on a Porsche 911, a London Roadster (based on a retro 1930s design), a tool kit, a Chevrolet Silverado and a Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham (which comes with a 14-karat gold key).

Second Calldown: Reba

IUFB2: Artwork
Reba: $1000
Clarence: $1001*
Lana: $786
Adrienne: $1
ARP: $1200

PG2: 1 Right Price--Played for a 4-Panel Screen and a Replica Car
The 1 right price is $1,895

Clarence picks Replica Car

ARP of Replica Car: $1,895
ARP of screen: $2,500


Third Calldown: Lynnette

IUFB3: Drop-Front Desk
Lynnette: $800
Lana: $1000*
Adrienne: $900
Reba: $901
ARP: $1225

PG3: Deluxe Dice Game--Played for a Dodge Lancer

First number: 1

Second number: Rolls 6, is wrong (guesses lower)
Third number: Rolls 6, is wrong (guesses lower)
Fourth number: Rolls 6, is wrong (guesses lower)
Fifth number: Rolls 6, is right

ARP: $11,236


An historic moment has occurred: She automatically wins the car by rolling nothing but sixes! 1 in 1296

Clarence: .35+.95=OVER
Phyllis: .65
Lana: .35+.10=.45

Phyllis is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Herman

IUFB4: Queen's Chair and Ottoman (winner also receives Rug Doctor)
Herman: $950*
Adrienne: $701
Reba: $795
Lynnette: $600
ARP: $1149

PG4: Barker's Bargain Bar--Played for a Refrigerator/Freezer and Console Table

Refrigerator: Bargain price--$990
Table: Bargain price--$540

Herman picks Table

ARP of Refrigerator: $1190 (Difference: $200)
ARP of Table: $940 (Difference: $400)


Fifth Calldown: Vicky

IUFB5: Stereo System
Vicky: $1100
Adrienne: $1101
Reba: $550*
Lynnette: $1200
ARP: $800

PG5: Secret "X"--Played for a Dining Room Group and Dinnerware ($3,965)

Free X: Top left

SP1: Vacuum, $80 or $110? (picks $80, is right)
SP2: Scale, $39 or $56? (picks $56, is )

Additional X's: Top right and Lower left

Location of secret X: Top center


Bob and Gene reveal the address of the Home Viewer Showcase contest, which ends on November 18, one week after today's show. All postcards (with the bids written on the bottom) must be received by 6 PM on November 25, and the winner will be revealed on December 13.

Will Adrienne finally make it out of Contestant's Row?

Final Calldown: Doris

IUFB6: Scuba Gear (winner also receives Vitamins)
Doris: $675
Lynnette: $990
Vicky: $601
Adrienne: $991*
ARP: $1393

We immediately find out that Adrienne is a newlywed from Canada who's on her honeymoon, and with the possibility of a perfect show on the horizon, she now has a chance to win this...

PG6: Money Game--Played for a Pontiac 1000

First pick: 71, wins $71
Second pick: 66, front of car
Third pick: 08, wins $79
Fourth pick: 50, wins $129
Fifth pick: 34, wins $163

ARP: $6,642


This loss uses the MRRRRRRRRP! buzzer. It is during this period that Money Game losses use that sound, as it was also sounded on the June 3, 1985 episode.

Adrienne: .70
Herman: .45+.45=.90
Reba: .35+.85=OVER

Herman is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Phyllis
Runner-Up: Herman

Rome, Hot Dog Cart, Ski Boat
Phyllis bids $12,600

Every Room in the House (Bed, Jukebox, Washer/Dryer and Sofa)
Herman bids $7,500

Before the final reveal, Gene gives the address of the Home Viewer Showcase.

ARP of Phyllis' Showcase: $16,134 (Difference: $3,534)
ARP of Herman's Showcase: $10,668 (Difference: $3,168)

Herman wins his Showcase, and takes home $13,982 in cash and prizes!