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February 11, 1986
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With Bob Hilton announcing.

First Four: Janice, Rocco, Rhonda, Mary

IUFB1: Motorcycle
Mary: $800
Rhonda: $1500*
Rocco: $1295
Janice: $675
ARP: $1698

PG1: Barker's Bargain Bar--Played for a Swing Chair and Armoire

Swing Chair: Bargain price--$410
Armoire: Bargain price--$413

Rhonda picks Armoire

ARP of swing: $810 (Difference: $400)
ARP of Armoire: $1113 (Difference: $700)


Second Calldown: Kolani (a Samoan from the U.S. Air Force)

IUFB2: Tennis Equipment
Kolani: $500
Rocco: $501
Janice: $900
Mary: $525*
ARP: $698

PG2: SuperBall!!--Played for a Grandfather Clock, Brass Bed and Spa ($7,814)

SP1: Milkshake Machine, $33 or $50? (picks $50, is right)
SP2: Socket Set, $49 or $78? (picks $49, is wrong)
SP3: Mixer, $25 or $44? (picks $44, is right)

Bob's practice throw: $50

Mary's Practice Throw: $50

Ball #1: $50
Ball #3: WIN!

SP4: Vacuum, $31 or $50? (picks $50, is right)

SuperBall: $50

Wins $200 and Spa


Third Calldown: Julie

IUFB3: Washer/Dryer
Julie: $800
Kolani: $820
Rocco: $895*
Janice: $700
ARP: $1149

PG3: One Away--Played for a Dodge Aries Wagon

Wrong price: $21,213

Rocco sets price to $12,304

Gentlemen, how many numbers are right? 4

Rocco changes price to $12,324

ARP: $12,104


Rocco: .45+.50=.95
Rhonda: .45+.05=.50
Mary: .65+.55=OVER

Rocco is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Davie

IUFB4: Aquarium
Davie: $990
Janice: $1000* (also wins $100 for a perfect bid)
Julie: $875
Kolani: $1001
ARP: $1000

PG4: 1 Right Price--Played for a Sofa and Refrigerator/Freezer

The 1 right price is $1,020

Janice picks Refrigerator/Freezer

ARP of Refrigerator/Freezer: $1,299


(Details for IUFB5 are unknown due to a snowstorm report on WCAU-TV--the then-CBS affiliate in Philadelphia that is now NBC--but see who replaces who in the next calldown. Meanwhile, Davie is playing this game...)

PG5: Any Number--Played for Lamps or a Renault Alliance

First pick: 6, last number in car
Second pick: 1, third number in car
Third pick: 0, last number in lamps
Fourth pick: 7, first number in piggy bank
Fifth pick: 8, second number in lamps
Sixth pick: 5, last number in piggy bank
Seventh pick: 9, first number in car
Eighth pick: 2, second number in piggy bank

Other ARP's: Car--$9,416, Lamps--$380


Before the final calldown, Bob plugs the Phone Home Game.

Final Calldown: Lynn

IUFB6: Bar Set
Lynn: $775
Judith: $1100
Julie: $1200*
Kolani: $1125
ARP: $1403

PG6: Hi-Lo--Played for a Sport Boat ($5,115)

GP1: Vienna Sausage
GP2: Baking Soda
GP3: Honey
GP4: Sponges
GP5: Rice
GP6: Coricidin

Julie's first pick: Honey--$2.29
Julie's second pick: Coricidin--$4.62
Julie's third pick: Rice--$1.75

The other three GP's must be less than $1.75

Vienna Sausage: 53
Baking Soda--29


Davie: .45+.70=OVER
Janice: .45+.90=OVER
Julie: .25

By virtue of the first two spinners going over, Julie is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Julie
Runner-Up: Rocco

Area Rug, Dining Room, Dinnerware, Dune Buggy
Julie passes to Rocco, who bids $8,995

Athens, Stereo System, Artwork, Ford Thunderbird
Julie bids $17,000

ARP of Rocco's Showcase: $15,293 (Difference: $6,298)
ARP of Julie's Showcase: $17,792 (Difference: $792)

Julie wins her Showcase, and takes home $24,237 in cash and prizes!