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November 12, 1986
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First Four: Katherine, James, Charlotte, Mary

IUFB1: Console Color TV
Katherine: $950
James: $1010*
Charlotte: $850
Mary: $800
ARP: $1610

Bob tells the bidders that it "will go to the one of you four who bids nearest to the ARP without going over;" prior to the reveal, he also points out two audience members in the front row, Todd and Darryl, who are shouting out bids to each contestant.

PG1: Bump--Played for a Daybed and Washer/Dryer

Setup: $1325/$928/$1550/$1325

James has Dian bump prices to $1325 and $928

ARP of Daybed: $1,325
ARP of Washer/Dryer: $928


Before the second calldown, the prizes in the Home Viewer Showcase, The Christmas Party are revealed: a living room, a punchbowl set, a Mercury Sable wagon, a trip to Tahiti and Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham.

Second Calldown: Madalynne

IUFB2: Sewing Machine
Madalynne: $675
Charlotte: $500
Mary: $575*
Katherine: $725
ARP: $599

PG2: 3 Strikes--Played for a Mazda B2200 truck

Numbers in price of truck: 0, 4, 7, 8

First draw: X (strike one!)
Second draw: 0 (guesses third, is wrong)
Third draw: X (strike two!)
Fourth draw: 7 (guesses second, is wrong)
Fifth draw: 8 (guesses first, is wrong)
Sixth draw: 0 (guesses second, is right)
Seventh draw: 4 (guesses third, is wrong)
Eighth draw: 8 (guesses third, is right)
Ninth draw: X (strike three, YER OUT!)

ARP: $7,084


Third calldown: Debra

IUFB3: Artwork
Debra: $1300
Katherine: $1125
Madalynne: $1150
Charlotte: $1200* (also receives $100 for a perfect bid)
ARP: $1200

PG3: Hi-Lo--Played for a trip to Denmark ($3,200)

GP1: Chicken Broth
GP2: Pimientos
GP3: Cologne
GP4: Nail Color Pen
GP5: Mints
GP6: Rice

First pick: Cologne--$6.50
Second pick: Nail Color Pen--$2.75
Third pick: Mints--$1.49

All other GP's must be less than $1.49

Chicken Broth--44
Rice: 85


Mary: .95
James: .15+.25=.40
Charlotte: .60+.45=OVER

Mary is going to the Showcase! James' second spin mistakenly gets buzzed, because Bob thought he had 80 the first time.

Fourth Calldown: Joseph

IUFB4: Fishing Equipment
Joseph: $210
Debra: $400
Katherine: $475*
Madalynne: $401
ARP: $899

PG4: Double Prices--Played for a Brass Cabinet Set
Choices: $3,390 or $3,795

Katherine picks $3,795

ARP: $3,795


Fifth Calldown: Pandora

IUFB5: Backgammon Table (winner also wins No-Bake Cheesecake Mix)
Pandora: $375
Madalynne: $575
Joseph: $700*
Debra: $675
ARP: $800

PG5: Cliff Hangers--Played for Kitchen Appliances ($4,290)

SP1: Fire Extinguisher--guesses $6.50 $6, mountain climber is at 11 (ARP: $17)
SP2: Shoes--guesses $14, mountain climber is at 12 24 (ARP: $27)
SP3: Ice Cream Maker--guesses $45, mountain climber is at 24 (ARP: $45)


Joseph tries to bid $6.50 before Bob reminds him that the show rounds its prices off to the nearest dollar, an operator error occurs when the mountain climber is stopped at 12 before eventually moving on to 24, and after Joseph nails the last SP's price on the nose, he says to Bob: "How the hell did I do that?"

Before the final calldown, Rod gives the address for the Home Viewer Showcase.

Final Calldown: Ellen

IUFB6: Lamps
Ellen: $1200
Debra: $400
Pandora: $1201
Madalynne: $675*
ARP: $1195

PG6: Any Number--Played for Artist's Desk or a Ford Mustang

First pick: 8, second number in desk
Second pick: 9, second number in car
Third pick: 7, first number in car
Fourth pick: 4, first number in desk
Fifth pick: 5, last number in car
Sixth pick: 2, second number in piggy bank
Seventh pick: 3, third number in car

Other prices are unknown


Katherine: 1.00
Joseph: .90 .45+.90=OVER
Madalynne: .15+.60=.75

Katherine: .60

Katherine is going to the Showcase! Joseph's second spin is not buzzed.

Top Winner: Katherine
Runner-Up: Mary

Bar Set, Living Room, Grand Piano
Katherine passes to Mary, who bids $1,500 $15,000

Carmel, Picnic Basket, Motorcycle with Sidecar, Chrysler LeBaron Convertible
Katherine bids $21,000

Before the final reveal, Rod gives the address to the Home Viewer Showcase again.

ARP of Katherine's Showcase: $32,820 (Difference: $11,820)
ARP of Mary's Showcase: $15,646 (Difference: $646)

Mary wins her Showcase, and takes home $16,245 in cash and prizes!