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CSS Results for June 1 (First Round of Playoffs)

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Well, well, well, well. Quite a few surprises today. First a showcase with a Hi-Lo trailer that I swear must have gone up in price since we last saw it (I had it priced at $22K, and how much could that other stuff have been??) Then a Splendido! showcase helped to cinch in a victory in the battle of the season. umbchockeypa08 had the only tragic overbid (less than $600) and is out.

The BIG UPSET of the day was LudwigMackdaddy's victory over PriceFan985, the top-ranked CSS player. Despite rcbought's excellent bid on SC2, he garfed more than BuddyTom on Splendido and is out. You won't hear me complaining too loudly. :-D

So, here are the pairings and who came out on top (winners in bold)

Jordanar18 vs. Robair
Gatorman vs. Joe_Mello
Forrest20 vs. NCC_2000
namnhu12 vs. rodroddyfan
PriceFan985 vs. LudwigMackdaddy
umbchockey08 vs. FPGWillyT
BuddyTom vs. rcbought


PriceFanArmadillo vs. heelsrule1988

Results for June 1 (First Round of Playoffs)

I really wish I had played Armadillo later in the playoffs, because this would've been an even bigger win for me than it already was. Still, it's always nice when I beat Armadillo, so I'll take it. Tom, you better be ready for me. :-D

Also, major props to Ludwig for pulling off the biggest shocker ever. I guess PF985 really is human, after all. But, humble as always, he was gracious in defeat and congratulated Ludwig on a job well done. Got to love that.

Well, I went for it, and got burned. Hey, at least it was fun to just make the playoffs this year, and I'll be back for another run in '06-'07!

I am still in shock.. and cgts. to all today --   I am indeed putting my George Mason Univ.  shirt on.  :)

 ANd again can we point out not only HOW gracious PFan985 is about his excellence -- but how nice he was today--- his grace would do well to be emulated by all of us. :)

Good Luck as we go to round 2. :)

Jeez... one of my lowest scores of the season; I consider myself lucky. :-)


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