Author Topic: Things Drew does right and things he doesn't do right  (Read 529 times)

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Things Drew does right and things he doesn't do right
« on: August 12, 2017, 05:34:46 PM »
If this topic has been discussed before, mods may lock this up. But anyways, what are somethings Drew does better than Bob. And what are some things he could work on.
Some things that Drew does better are:

It's in the Bag - He really builds up excitement when you continue.
One Away - I like the sound effects bit with the contestants and when he gets to the last horn and has the contestant beg for the sound effect lady.
Switch? - Some may find this annoying, but I like the joke with the models running into each other.
Rat Race - I just know Drew has a lot of fun with this one because he created it. He always enjoys watching the rats race.
He always shows that he doesn't like it when contestants lose and gets very excited when they win.
He seems to enjoy communicating with the models unlike Bob in his later years.

Some things he could work on is:
That's Too Much! - Have the contestant yell out THAT'S TOO MUCH! when they want to stop.
Grocery Game - I get very annoyed when he always says they took a model from the grocery store (Rachel), brought he here, and got her teeth fixed, that has annoyed me ever since he started this.
Double Showcase Winners and Double Overbids - Drew needs to not go uhh or are kidding me because you know they are over, just reveal the price. And on DSWs, he needs to act more excited and say "YOU WIN BOTH SHOWCASES!" instead of Double Showcase Winner.

Thanks for reading, this took 20 minutes to write.

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Re: Things Drew does right and things he doesn't do right
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2017, 10:20:45 PM »
I agree with what you wrote, especially with how he handles overbids in the Showcases. Bob would read the ARP with a sad/disappointed inflection rather than saying something to give it away.

Does right: -Playing off of contestants and the models and George and coming up with a good one-liner when given the opportunity. Bob was of course the master of contestant interaction, but Drew does a great job also and his comedy background comes into play here.
-Drew's hosting of 3 Strikes is really good also, he adds in excitement when it's getting down to the end and he encourages the contestants when they get strikes or incorrect numbers by telling them they're eliminating options and taking out strike chips.

Could work on: Definitely how he hosts Switcheroo. I hate that he says the small prizes don't matter and the contestant should focus mostly on the car.
-Putting more build-up and excitement into Golden Road and Triple Play.

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Re: Things Drew does right and things he doesn't do right
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2017, 03:39:36 AM »
I like Drew's banter with Contestants' Row ... especially with the "one dollar more" bids ... or when a contestant bids $1 and then clangers for a perfect bid:  "Maybe those sunglasses are a quarter each."  If there's a big difference between bids, he'll say to the contestant with the lowest bid, "I want to shop where you shop". 

Cheerful during the showcase showdowns, really wanting all the contestants to hit that $1 target.  I'm still not a huge fan of the shout-outs, especially when they run long and here comes the wheel slowing down toward the $1 space ... kind of awkward.  Agree on getting the models - and George - involved in the show.  They feel like a family of co-hosts. 

I like his Vend-O-Price intro.

Things to work on: 
That's Too Much - easier way to explain is "first price greater than the actual price of the car" ...
Needs to be more strict on when contestants can change their mind ... we saw that issue a couple times, especially with Bag. 

Agree with Grocery Game -- he says it about the model every time the game's played.  With Pocket Change, he used to say "you'd have the quarter to buy the car, except you have to play this game first".  Hasn't said it the past couple times, though. Plus the "gotta pay tax, title, registration..." though he hasn't been doing that line recently.

-- Some things are just due to the format of the show ... you have an exciting win in the first pricing game, then we need to "get a contestant down here right away, George" ... sometimes the show should put the first break there, especially with a longer game.  -- Drew can't talk with contestants too much on stage ... because it'll get cut during editing ... so he has to use the quick 5-second sound-bite type interviews.  Feels rushed, but not Drew's fault.  Bob didn't have this issue. 

And I like that he's making the show seem fresh and still improving ... whether it was his own doing or production ... not playing with grocery items as much, or throwing things at the camera.  Not using phrases anymore like "We're trying something new, closest contestant not going over wins" ...

I'm just happy the show has a long-term host after Bob, now 10 seasons under his belt.  Compared with shows like Family Feud and Millionaire, that seemed to change hosts almost every season before finally settling on one.

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Re: Things Drew does right and things he doesn't do right
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2017, 11:20:34 AM »
I think the one thing that everyone should remember about Drew is that he is not a prototypical game show host. As I mentioned in another thread, he's improved greatly from his very first show, though there's always going to be things he does that maybe doesn't seem right, or that Bob never did, but that's Drew.

And that leads me to my next point--in my mind, he's doing everything right. And by that I mean he's following the advice Bob gave him and making the show his own. Yes, he has a few quirks, but that's Drew doing the show his way.