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Trip Report 11/12
« on: November 12, 2017, 11:55:43 PM »
First time back in a couple of years. Originally had priority tickets for the second show but got an email saying the College themed show was being moved from the first show of the day to the second. So I had to re-register but still secured priority tickets. Arrived a little before 8 and the priority ticket holders were moved to the first set of benches soon after. After having our Driver's License's swiped at the security shack, we received the Contestant Waiver from a CBS Red Coat. An On-Camera Audiences coordinator then came through and gave us our name tags. Next we went up to the showcase podiums, had our license's swiped again, turned in our waiver and had our picture taken. Next up was the green screen picture ($21 bucks or so if you wanted to purchase). We were seated on the second set of benches a little after 9 (the suggested arrival time).

All of the CBS Red Coats had Price names tags with StarWars characters on them. All of the pages were fine but "Finn" really didn't seem to enjoy his job at all. I'm sure the enthusiasm of Price contestants gets tiring week after week but it didn't set a very good tone, for me at least. Anna/ "Rey" on the third benches was personable though! Overall, the contestant processing system is very efficient and streamlined, unlike the Barker years where it seemed like there was a lot more waiting around on benches.

Around 930 or so Stan and his assistant began the interviews. We were in the second group and 3 people were picked from this batch. Scooted down to security and checked our phones. An episode from January was shown followed by the behind-the-scenes reel. Headed up to the studio around 1130 or so. The set looks great in person! Seemed to me the On-Camera Audiences people handled the seating with the CBS pages indicating to them how many people were in the next party. We were seated house right, a few rows behind George's podium. Really not a good view other than home base and door 1... The people behind us felt they were in the back of the bus and asked a page if they could move to the center section. She curtly responded: "no, that's where I put you." Meow!! George did the warm up and we were off! Taping began around 12:10.

I was happy there were several games played I hadn't seen in person before. They did a few camera pickups within the body of the show and didn't stop to do them. George did a few copy pickups at the end of the taping. Drew was talkative and engaged with the audience. The poor stage manager came up right next to him a few times, his presence gently suggesting it's time to start taping again! Drew did disappear between acts once and before the showcases. George filled in the gaps nicely and even asked if individuals seated behind him wanted to move to the empty seats in the center that were once occupied by contestants called to come on down. Bravo!

This is my 10th or 11th taping and I already knew you can't hear a damn thing in there. Avoiding spoilers, I have a new empathy for contestants bidding or playing their games. I think they are bidding on adrenaline alone with absolutely no clue what is being described by George because you really can't hear what he is saying. Taping ended a little before 2.

Was so happy to share this experience with 3 of my friends. Slightly more to this trip report when the show airs!!

Airdate: 1/18/2018
Show Number: 8204K

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Re: Trip Report 11/12
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2017, 12:34:02 PM »
George filled in the gaps nicely and even asked if individuals seated behind him wanted to move to the empty seats in the center that were once occupied by contestants called to come on down. Bravo!

Good on him! That was really nice of him to make the move to accommodate some of those who, for one thing, wanted a better view (at least IMO).

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Re: Trip Report 11/12
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2017, 12:53:16 AM »
That was a nice gesture by George to let you move to where you could get a better view of the stage.  Getting a view of home base and Door #1 isn't much considering that Door #1 was traditionally the door least used for prizes.  (Cars usually are behind Door #3, with the exception of games like Temptation and Card Game where they're in Door #2, and Door #2 is commonly used for pricing games).  I've always associated prize reveals behind Door #1 with playings of the retired Superball, though Golden Road and Triple Play also used Door #1. 

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Re: Trip Report 11/12
« Reply #3 on: November 14, 2017, 03:29:13 AM »
Airdate: 1/18/2018
Show Number: 8204K

Thanks for posting this.  I hadn't realized they'd jacked the schedule around again.
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