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Sines, Cosines, and Tangents: A podcast with a TPIR flair
« on: January 06, 2018, 03:05:53 PM »
My friend Philip (not a member of this forum) and I started a podcast called Sines, Cosines, and Tangents. (The joke is that I'm a math guy and we go on a lot of tangents.) We talk a lot about American Ninja Warrior, a show we're heavily involved in the community of, but also discuss our personal lives, current events, and public interest stories.

As for the TPIR connection: At the end of each show, we write each other a showcase and have the other bid on it. The catch is that these contain wacky themes, oddball prizes, and even personal jabs on occasion.

In episode 1, we bid on a 3-week trip to South Dakota and a Net Neutrality showcase:
(Showcases at 47:47)

In episode 2, we bid on a trip to Abu Dhabi, janitorial supplies, and an actual NASCAR car:
(Showcases at 41:16)

I'm working on an iTunes page and will link it here once I get it up and running.

(NOTE: This podcast contains mild language)
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