Author Topic: TPiR Recap - 1/11/2018 (TPiR Season 46 Publishers Clearing House Week - Day IV)  (Read 3129 times)

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I wonder if the color change has to  do with accommodating the colorblind who watch the show

It doesn't.

I mean, I don't know that it doesn't, but it doesn't.
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Half-Off looks awful, probably the worst paint design since the Purple Wheel.
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I wonder how Half-Off would look with the lights off. Certainly looks like it would glow.

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I don't know who thought Half-Off needed an update or why they thought this was the way to do it, but it is my true belief that they are wrong.

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Too much Orange in Half Off -  hard to see the orange boxes when it's all orange.  The $10K sign update is fine and the update to the color scheme where the six smaller prizes sit is fine but not the main board - too bad they did this.

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Freeze Frame plays Door #2 for the very first time?

New 1/2 Off I don't like it, too much colors together.