Author Topic: April 16 - One Ticket Needed (help!)  (Read 3131 times)

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April 16 - One Ticket Needed (help!)
« on: April 10, 2007, 04:18:25 PM »
Hi everyone. Really great site! I am bringing my family to TPIR on April 16. I requested e-tickets a long time ago, received them for the 4:30 taping, then learned that it was cancelled.

Luckily, I also had requested tickets by mail and although I requested enough for all five of us, received four due to demand (and by the way, was completely shocked and thrilled to learn it was the $1M Spectacular!)

Long story short, I'm totally desperate for just one additional ticket for Monday, April 16, so we can all go to the taping together.

If anyone can help, please let me know! My email is I will absolutely return the favor. Thanks a million!